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Season 1

Episode 70


Qin Chu raised his head from behind a pile of documents. He didn't make a sound, but his eyes were clearly saying 'whatever it is, just say it.'

"President Qin, your car is ready. The people from the store just delivered it and left it in the garage. You can use it at any time."

"Got it." With only a two-word reply, Qin Chu went back to his work.

The song, however, was still playing on repeat.

"I really wish there was someone with me when I'm lonely,

That even on the busiest days, someone's there to eat breakfast with me,

Although this kind of thinking is clearly too naïve,

No matter where tomorrow lies, I just want someone with me.

There's never room in love for multitasking,

Won't it be a shame to miss out on a meeting that happened so naturally,

If I truly decide to give my heart to you,

Can someone tell her, please don't hurt me.

Every time love is near,

You feel her holding you tightly.

She riles up your heart, covers your eyes, yet doesn't let you know where she's going,

Every time love is near, it's like she's waiting to see your reaction.

Heaven and earth fall silent, the only disturbance is your decision."

The reason Yang thought this was bizarre was that, before, the president usually played piano music from either Chopin, Mozart, Richard Clayderman, or Franz Liszt.

Yang was a man without much taste for music. Therefore, even when listening to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, he couldn't really appreciate it.

But his boss was different. People say that the president was a genius, and, having studied abroad for seven years, he naturally had a different taste than the rest of them.

However, today, music from legendary musicians were suddenly swapped to "Love is Near" by Rene 'Milk Tea' Liu.

That was a hell of a difference. Most importantly, when did the president start getting into cutesy indie-pop?

"President Qin?"

"Anything else?" Qin Chu looked up at Yang, who stood stuttering, unsure if he should speak.

"I like this song, too. My wife and I are both fans of Milk Tea." A little embarrassed, Yang scratched his head and smiled.

"Who is Milk Tea?" Qin Chu's reply nearly made Yang faint on the spot.

What was wrong with the president? If he didn't know who Milk Tea was, why was he listening to her song on repeat?

What kind of a fan was he?

"Milk Tea… Uh… She's Rene Liu, the one singing this song."

"Oh." Qin Chu finally understood.

The USB in his computer today wasn't the one he usually listened to.

Yesterday, the movers he sent to terminate the lease on Huo Mian's apartment had reportedly found this USB on Huo Mian's laptop.

Thinking that these might all be songs Huo Mian liked, Qin Chu had spent the entire morning tirelessly listening to them.

No wonder Yang was weirded out...

After breakfast, Huo Mian went to work. Inside the VIP suite, Jing Zhixin had already regained consciousness.

Although he was still very groggy, the doctor had said that his vitals were good and that he only needed to rest more.

Huo Mian stayed with Jing Zhixin for a while. Finally, after her brother had fallen asleep, she slowly left the room.

Just as she got outside, her phone began to ring urgently.

Huo Mian took a look and saw that it was an unfamiliar number.


"Miss Huo Mian, I am Mr. Luo, the attorney."

"What do you want?" After hearing his introduction, Huo Mian's tone grew noticeably colder.

"I just wanted to remind you to consider our offer carefully."

"I've made my position very clear already. I don't want to repeat myself."

"If you continue to be so unreasonable… We will be unable to guarantee the safety of you and your family."

"Are you threatening me?"

"Miss Huo, you're a clever lady. I need not say anymore."

"What if I told you my cell phone has an inbuilt recorder? I'll hand it over to the court as evidence against you." Huo Mian was furious.

Mr. Luo chuckled. "You think I'd be afraid? You had better be more careful. I've said it before: my client has a strong background. He's not someone who can be swayed by an ordinary person like you."

"Just because we're ordinary, we should let you walk all over us? What a joke. Why don't you go to Hell?" With that, Huo Mian mercilessly hung up the phone.

"Miss Huo, someone's looking for you."

"Okay, coming." Hearing the call, Huo Mian immediately began walking towards the Obstetrics and Gynecology Department.

When Huo Mian recognized the person at the door of the examination room, she was clearly displeased. "It's you?"




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