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Season 1

Episode 61


He thought that Huo Mian was just a naive little girl, so her meticulous thinking clearly surprised him.

"Miss Huo, tell me, what do we have to do to get you to stop? How much money do you want? Give me a number."

"I don't think you're understanding me. Maybe I needed the money before, but I have gathered enough money to pay for my brother's surgical fees. So, offering me more money is useless right now, and therefore you cannot stop me from pressing charges. If you really want this to go away, why don't you let that drunk-driving bastard who caused a chain crash to enjoy a couple years in jail? How about you let him learn his lesson so that he'll never hurt another person again?"

"Is that a joke? Turning in my client is not an option."

"Oh yeah? In that case, I'll see you in court, Mr. Luo." Huo Mian immediately got up to leave.

"Miss Huo, is there really no other option?" Luo Qing furthered his chase relentlessly.

This time, Huo Mian didn't even look back as she opened the door and left.

She couldn't imagine what that guy was thinking, speeding across campus in a Porsche, killing one and heavily injuring three, with the deceased being none other than his own girlfriend. In a situation like that, with his girlfriend dying, shouldn't calling 911 be his top priority? How could he run away and leave everyone else behind to die?! The girl died because they didn't get her to a hospital in time to receive treatment. Otherwise, she might have lived. How could Huo Mian easily forgive someone like that? This wasn't even taking into account that the accident almost paralyzed her younger brother!

No amount of money could outweigh his health...

- Midnight, in a garage -

"So what you're saying is that she wouldn't settle? No matter how much money we offer her?" a middle-aged man asked faintly.

"Yes, Mr. Lu. The girl is very stubborn. She's adamant about putting your son in jail."

"Nonsense. How can a low life like her dictate my son's life?"

"Yes, Mr. Lu, you're right. So what should we do next?" Luo Qing asked carefully.

"We'll take care of the rest. Just make sure to get the signatures from the other three families."

Huo Mian returned to her apartment for a change of clothes and quickly left for the hospital once again. She was very worried about her mother.

"Mom, Zhixin is fine now. He'll wake up tomorrow. Don't worry."

"I need to ask you something. Where did you get the money to pay for Zhixin's surgical fees? The doctor said it was over a hundred thousand yuan."

"I...I borrowed it from a friend."

"Where did you get a friend who is rich enough to lend you an amount like that? Don't tell me you asked your bastard father. No, that's not it, he's not that nice. Did you do something inappropriate in exchange for money?" Yang Meirong stared into her daughter's eyes and interrogated her.

"Mom, I didn't." Huo Mian knew that her mother would condemn her to hell if she found out that she and Qin Chu got married.

"Then answer me this. What's going on between you and Ning Zhiyuan? Are the two of you getting married or not?" Yang Meirong questioned again.

Hearing that name left Huo Mian momentarily speechless. She didn't know what to say.

"Why are you so quiet? Are you mute?" Yang Meirong continued with her questioning.

After a moment of silence, Huo Mian said slowly, "Mom, Ning Zhiyuan and I... we're done. We are no longer connected in any way…"

"Is it because of that kid from the Qin family?"

"No," Huo Mian immediately denied.

"Don't say I haven't warned you. Don't you remember how Uncle Jing died? The Qin Family is our enemy. If you dare have any connection to them, I will tear you to shreds," Yang Meirong threatened, almost growling.

"I know." Huo Mian's voice was lacking in conviction. No one knew the situation and what she had to go through. If she didn't marry Qin Chu, Zhixin would've lost his life.

Huo Mian's phone began to ring. At the sight of the caller ID, she immediately felt guilty -- speak of the devil and he shall appear.

A number ending with 8866; aside from Qin Chu, who else could it be?





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