Tuesday, 21 April 2020


😉 Romance With My Secretary 😉

{ Erotic romance}

Episode 19

👅 Shantel Kings 👅

I woke up very early and glance at him , his hand were around my waist.

I slowly pulled away from him , quietly enough not wake him. 

I wore my clothes and left the room quietly for the kitchen.

The maid had not started cooking yet.

I quickly set to cooking.

I made egg sauce and  cinnamon rolls.

Placed it on the dinner with a note attached to it.

I sneaked back upstairs and took my stuff before leaving his house.

The cab man dropped me in front of my apartment. I paid him before walking into the house.

Mia was at the kitchen , I guess she's cooking.

"Hey babe am home.", I announced.

"Oh my goodness Shantel where the hell are you coming from?" She  barked.

" You won't believe me if I tell you. " I mumbled.

" Try me sweetie. " She said with a straight face.

I took a deep breath and explained everything in details for her.

You know Mia likes her gossip in details.

"Omg OMG OMG  OMG" she screamed out, had to cover her mouth with my palm.

"Hey stop shouting." I groaned.

"This is huge babe , do you know what this means? " She beamed.

" No. " I mumbled.

" He's in love with you girlfriend, can't you see ? " She blurted out .

" Oh come on you know that's never gonna happen." I defended.

" But what if it happens? " She redirect my words.

" Am so late for work now I need to go get dressed. " I changed the topic and ran upstairs to avoid any more questions.

I don't trust myself anymore with the way things are going.



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