Friday, 24 April 2020


😉 Romance With My Secretary 😉

{ Erotic romance}

Episode 26

💯 Brian Sanchez 💯

It's been two years since I last saw Lucas.
He was my buddy for years.

We kept saying shit that I forgot to introduce Shantel.

And suddenly his eyes landed on Shantel.

"And who's the beautiful damsel with you? Is she one of your flings too?" He asked in a flirty manner.

I could tell Shantel felt bad immediately.


I didn't let her finish her statement before cutting in.

" She's Shantel my girlfriend so back off." I said in between clenched teeth.

"Oh yeah? B got a girlfriend. This is unbelievable." He said and ran his eyes all over Shantel's body lustfully.

"And what's wrong with that huh?" I groaned softly trying not to get angry.

" No there's nothing wrong , just that I thought you won't ever move on after wh....... "

" Get outta here Lucas you just crossed your limits. Get outta here before I get your jaw broken. " I growled at him making him flinched back in fear..

" Okay am sorry man I was just kidding. No offense Missy I was just trying to mess around. " He apologized to Shantel..

" Get lost Lucas. " I scoffs.

" Am leaving already. " He surrendered and left.

I glanced over at Shantel I know she's hurt by his words.

"Am sorry princess just that...

" No it's okay I understand. " She simply replied.

"Are you sure? Or should we go somewhere else?" I asked feeling guilty about everything .

"No no it's fine, forget about it.." she smiled weakly.

I could tell she was faking it.

" Come on kitten , I hate to see you sad. Cheer up okay?" I took her hand over the table and rocked it tenderly.

She smiled brightly and I was relieved.

Our orders was brought immediately by a different waiter.

He placed it gently on the table and left.

"Shall we?" He said as he dug into his meal .

And I did too . Omg OMG this pasta is the best have had in a long time.




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