Sunday, 19 April 2020


😉 Romance With My Secretary 😉

{ Erotic romance}

Episode 16

🎀 Shantel Kings 🎀

I helped him up and brought the glass to his lips but he squeeze his face in a Funny way.

"You have to drink this if you wanna get rid of the pain" I said but he still claimed sturborn.

" Open up already" I said and forced it into his mouth.

He made a disgusting face and gulp down the whole thing.

"Now that's better" I said and dropped the glass by the bed side.

"You should rest now , you will be okay in few minutes" I assured.

Seriously maybe I should become a doctor am really good at this thing's.

He rested but his eyes were on me.

💚 Brian Sanchez 👈

The pain from my chest was slowly becoming worst.

I was at the verge of giving up because I don't really have someone to look after me.

I was super shocked when the maid announced the arrival of Shantel Kings.

Even though she's the last person I want to see me in the condition.

She was so caring.

She rushed outta the room and came back with a concoction which I gulp down.

Yuck it's so bitter.

She fixed the pillow and help me relax Abit.

I never expected her to be this Caring and affectionate towards me.

She sat down at the far edge of the bed playing with her fingers.

Turns out what she gave me worked.

I was slowly regaining my strength and the pain from my chest faded.

"Come over here" my voice broke into her thoughts.

She looked at me confused before coming over.

"Seat down" I said gesturing her to seat beside me.

"Thank you" I mumbled.

"It's nothing am glad I could help" she said smartly.

" Am not really use to having people around, so no one knew I was sick" i muttered and glance at her.

" Thanks once again and grateful." I said Calmly.




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