Sunday, 19 April 2020


😉 Romance With My Secretary 😉

{ Erotic romance}

Episode 15

🎀 Shantel Kings 🎀.

He laid down on his bed looking all paled and sick too.

"Hey boss are you okay?" I asked as I moved closer and check his temperature.

Holy shit he's burning hot.

I dropped my bag and rushed into his bathroom and came back shortly with a bowl and a hand towel.
I soak it in the bowl and  brought it out.

I pressed out all of the water before placing the towel on his forehead.

His eyes were shut and his lips parted slightly.

He looks like a baby.

I kept massaging his head with the cold water and soon his temperature was normal.

I dropped the bowl and wanted covering him properly with the duvet but he held my hand and open his eyes.

We locked eyes for a sec before he mumbled something.

"Thank you"

I nodded and moved away.

He was somehow shivering and I don't really know what's actually wrong with him so I could find a way to help.

Maybe the maid might know what's wrong.

I strolled outta the room downstairs.
Luckily I met the maid halfway.

"Erm sorry ma'am" he bowed slightly in respect which made me uncomfortable.

"It's okay. Mind telling me what's wrong with your boss?" I asked.

"Actually ma'am he ate something that he was allergic to " she explained.

Oh that explains why he looks pale .

"What did he eat exactly?" I asked again.

" the maid said she added garlic to her cooking which she never knew sir was allergic to . " She said Calmly.

I know how to get him back on his feet but it's a long process.

"Can you come with I need to prepare something that might help" I said and walked hastily towards the kitchen..

I opened the fridge and brought out fresh lemon fruits and two eggs.

"Get me a clean cooking pot " i said and turned on the cooker.

The maid brought the pot and placed it on the burner.

She helped me extract the juice from the lemon.

I turned it in the pot, and let it hit up before adding the raw eggs.

" Fresh almond milk" I muttered and she brought it outta the fridge.

I mixed up everything and added little quantity of water before letting it hit up.

I turned it into a glass cup and took it upstairs to his room.



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