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Season 3

Episode 38

(Mo Huiling Brought A Man Along?)

“I… I can’t… ” Lin Che quickly said.

“Then, do you want to do it here?”

“You… Why is this always on your mind… ”

“Who was the one who mentioned wanting a rich and overbearing man?”


Lin Che did not expect that his body would be this sensitive either.

He pushed Lin Che along to look for a room nearby. Lin Che felt that she should not be like this. Her rationality told her that she should stay further away from this man.

What he had said was not wrong. If she left him, how would she find a man even better than him?

It would definitely be very difficult.

However, he ultimately still did not belong to her.

For her to yearn for a moment of warmth like this was truly a little…

She felt that she should not continue doing this with him. However, after his arm passed through the doorway, it immediately climbed onto her body.

“Don’t… Don’t. Gu Jingze, we shouldn’t be doing this… ”

“Don’t move around. We can still get it done quickly. Otherwise… you know what my usual speed is. Could it be that you want the banquet to end even before you show your face today?”


Lin Che listened to him speak before she felt his mouth wrap around her earlobe. Immediately, her body became even weaker.

This man…

He was really a demon.

His gentle hands lit her body on fire everywhere they touched. In no time, she began to feel overwhelmed.

“Call out my name,” he said.

“Gu… Gu Jingze… ”

“Call me Hubby,” he said.

“Hu… Hubby… ”

“Good. That’s a good girl.” He swallowed his words into his mouth together with hers. When he heard her call him like this, he could no longer control his body. He just wanted to ravish her completely.

“Tell me that you want me… ”

“I don’t want to.”

“Quick, say it… ”

Under his efforts to draw the words out of her, it was as if Lin Che could no longer control her own body. She called out, “Want you… I want you… ”

Her calls to him had a magical power to them. When he heard them, he began to find it even harder to restrain himself.

After they had undergone a tempestuous christening, Lin Che lay there and thought silently to herself. She had totally been defeated.

She should not have done it but she had still been brought into this abyss in spite of herself.

When she recalled how she had been so obedient in calling him Hubby and saying that she wanted him, she just felt like she simply wanted to sleep here like the dead forever.

At the side, Gu Jingze had already very considerately instructed someone to bring them clean clothing.

After Gu Jingze changed his clothes, he saw Lin Che still sitting there and walked in while asking, “You’re still not leaving?”

“I’m not going anymore. Hmph.” She had come to accompany him to attend the banquet out of the goodness of her heart but instead, she had actually been ravished…

“You’re not going anymore… alright, since you like this bed so much, then I’ll continue staying here too… ” While saying this, he threw himself onto the bed.

Lin Che was shocked. She quickly jumped off the bed and fled right away with the blanket wrapped around her.

Gu Jingze looked at her appearance and he instinctively lifted the corners of his lips. However, he kept a straight face towards her and said, “Since you got off the bed, then quickly go and wash up!”

Forget it. Lin Che walked over to him resignedly and put her clothes on properly. She looked at Gu Jingze, harrumphed, and ran out in a hurry.

Gu Jingze followed behind her. At the back, he thought to himself that she probably no longer had the energy to think about some rich and overbearing man.

Sure enough, she had too much stamina.

It looked like he would still have to do it over and over again to her a few more times in the future before she would stop spouting nonsense.

Lin Che changed her entire outfit and did her makeup again. She followed Gu Jingze out as she bit her lips and looked as if she could not be bothered with him. “Next time, I won’t ever come with you to attend some banquet again… ”

Gu Jingze looked refreshed. “Really? On the contrary, I’ve started to like attending banquets a little more now.”

“Get lost!”

Lin Che felt that she could not act as indecently as she wanted in front of him ever again…

Gu Jingze smiled and looked at her. “If you want to blame someone, then blame yourself. I can’t help the fact that whenever I see you, my body just doesn’t listen to me… ”

“… ” Lin Che’s face immediately turned red. However, her heart did not obey her either and warmed up immediately.

On the one hand, she felt that he really treated her very badly. On the other hand, he was bad in a way that captivated her at the same time.

When he treated her badly, he was handsome in a slightly evil and unreasonable way. It really made it difficult for her to not sink into his depravity even if she did not want to do so.

Gu Jingze saw that Lin Che’s appearance was still slightly disheveled. He reached out his hand to move her clothes aside and saw that there were still some marks left on her body. His heart suddenly twitched and he also blamed himself a little for being so rough.

However, each time his emotions reached deep within, he simply could not control himself.

Gu Jingze softened his eyes and looked at Lin Che, “Sometimes, I can’t control myself. I’m sorry. Next time, you can stop me.”

After hearing this, Lin Che looked down at her own body. Her face also turned slightly red. “How can I stop you? When you start using your lower body to think, you’re just a beast, alright?”

Gu Jingze began to blame himself even more upon hearing this. “Alright. If you don’t like doing it in a place like this, I’ll respect your wishes next time.”

He could only draw in a deep breath. “Sometimes, I really can’t control myself when I look at you. Seriously, Lin Che. I’m only human and I can also lose my rationality. I hope that you can understand. So if you’re not happy, you can tell me. I’ll take note of it next time.”

Lin Che looked at him. Seeing that he was blaming himself, she also thought to herself that it honestly no longer mattered. After all, she had not controlled herself either. “It doesn’t matter anymore… something like this… sometimes, we can’t help it either.”

“But I hope that something like this can bring you pleasure and not embarrassment. I’m together with you not because I want you to be a tool for my sexual desires, Lin Che. So if I did something wrong, you don’t have to tolerate it. I will improve myself.”

Lin Che looked at him, touched. “Silly… you’re the one who is silly.”


He wanted to improve even on something like this. How could he not be silly?

As she looked at his dazed expression, Lin Che rolled her eyes at him. However, a figure of someone appeared inside and ruined the atmosphere at a timely moment. It was clearly a sign to her that Gu Jingze did not belong to her alone. They were merely bound by a contract.

Even though Gu Jingze was willing to give up the woman he loved for her, they were still married by contract.

Mo Huiling was dressed in red from head to toe as she walked out from inside. However, what was surprising was the fact that there was unexpectedly a man following beside her.

The man was fair, slender and tall. He looked educated, refined, and was also the type of man who would catch one’s eye simply with one look. He leaned in extremely close to Mo Huiling as he spoke to her. However, this scene now appeared a little strange.

Perhaps… she was, on the contrary, a little unaccustomed to the fact that Mo Huiling actually had another man and furthermore, that this man was not Gu Jingze.

When she thought of Gu Jingze, she immediately lifted her head and looked in Gu Jingze’s direction.

Even she was extremely shocked when she saw this, much less him.

However, she raised her head only to see that he was already staring at the couple with his eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched.

“Gu Jingze… ”

Lin Che called his name while raising her head.

However, Mo Huiling was already looking in their direction from over there. As she looked at the two people on this side, an expression of slight delight at having obtained her revenge flashed across Mo Huiling’s face. She hooked her arm through the arm of the man beside her and instinctively lifted a corner of her lips.





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