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Season 3

Episode 36

(Did I Get Set Up?)

Lin Che smiled to her in return as well. The host smiled and said, “Actually, Wanwan and Lin Che both worked together with Gu Jingyu before.”

“Yes,” Lin Che said.

The host looked at Lin Che. “Do you get jealous when you see Wanwan together with Jingyu? When you two worked together in the past, it was always you who stood in that position.”

“Of course I’m jealous. Jingyu is so handsome. But my Hefeng is also very handsome too!” She smiled and mentioned the male lead she started working with in a television series recently. At the same time, she started promoting the series.

Now that she had a lot more experience, Lin Che learned how to deal with reporters better than she did in the past. She spoke a little more skillfully as well. She was able to pull out the topic of her currently-airing television series at the right time to promote it and even did so very naturally.

Sure enough, she would gain more experience with more practice.

The host looked at Lin Che. “Alright. Then, previously, there were rumors about Qin Wanwan and Gu Jingyu. Do you know about this matter?”

On Qin Wanwan’s end, she quickly interrupted. “Alright, alright. I already said that those were rumors. Why do you still have to bring it up?”

Lin Che also looked at Qin Wanwan. She saw that her face was red as if she was feeling shy. She smiled as she held Lin Che’s arm and appeared simultaneously helpless and at a loss for words.

“Really? Lin Che, I know that lying is the thing that you’re worst at. Why don’t you tell us?”

After hearing that, Lin Che looked at Qin Wanwan. She really did not know if she should say something.

If she said the wrong thing when it came to matters like this, it would be used against her in the future. She pondered before saying, “It’s also possible. After all, we spend a few months filming for a series. We meet each other every day and we even have to act in some scenes together. It’s probably very easy to develop feelings.”

She gave a vague answer and the host could only let her off the hook. He asked Qin Wanwan, “In that case, since you two are good friends off-screen as well, you must know many stories and secrets about each other. Wanwan, you go first. Does Lin Che have a boyfriend or not?”

Qin Wanwan seemed completely shocked. “Wow, we’ve just started and you’re already asking such a big question.”

Qin Wanwan smiled as she looked at Lin Che. “How should I answer this?”

Lin Che looked at her with her eyes wide. Of course, she did not have a boyfriend.

From the side, the host immediately spoke louder and with surprise. “Why? If you don’t know how to answer, does that mean that there’s something going on?”

“That’s not the case either.” Qin Wanwan quickly corrected herself. “What I mean is, I shouldn’t be the one to answer this. You should ask Lin Che.”

“You shouldn’t be the one to answer? So are you saying that it’s true?”

Lin Che looked at the host’s expression. He looked as if he had discovered new land when he asked, “Lin Che, do you have a boyfriend? Congratulations, congratulations. Who is it?”

Lin Che face immediately turned red. She looked at Qin Wanwan. She did not expect that she would actually say that.

Because she had not expected it, right now she was completely flustered. She did not at all know how she should answer the question.

She could only look at the host and smile dryly.

She did indeed have a man; Gu Jingze was her husband. However, this relationship could not be exposed.

Yet, if she said she did not have a boyfriend, in the event that some news accidentally got out in the future, she was afraid that any lie that she told today would somehow adversely affect her.

She could not admit to it nor did she dare to deny it.

Her eyes darted around. When she saw that everyone’s gazes were on her, she gritted her teeth and said, “I have plenty of boyfriends. Each time I film a different television series, I just switch to another boyfriend. I’m currently working hard to gather all the young and handsome men in the entertainment industry so that I can sleep with all of them. So, my director friends and screenwriter friends, if you have a television series of this sort, remember to look for me. As long as there are young and handsome men, I can lower my rates.”

“Hahahaha,” the host immediately broke out in laughter again.

However, he ultimately did not let her off the hook either. He still continued asking Lin Che, “Then, do you really not have a boyfriend?”

Lin Che said, “Not at all. No one is wooing me. Is it because they dislike that I’m not fleshy? Actually, I’m pretty plump but you can only see it when I’m naked.”

Her daring words sent the people here into a fit of laughter again.

However, Lin Che was in a continuous cold sweat. She consoled herself mentally by telling herself that the host was talking about a boyfriend.

It was true that she did not have a boyfriend.

Gu Jingze was her husband. He was not her boyfriend anyway.

She thought to herself that if their relationship was exposed one day, she would just say that.

Qin Wanwan was still smiling and looking at her. When the program ended, she looked at Lin Che and said, “Lin Che, I’m sorry. Earlier, the host suddenly started asking questions. I was a bit flustered but luckily, I didn’t let it slip. Fortunately, you managed to deal with it.”

“It’s alright,” Lin Che said politely. “Anyway, I don’t have a boyfriend in the first place either.”

“Aiya. Then, what’s the relationship between you and Gu Jingyu?” Qin Wanwan smiled at her while signaling to her with her eyes.

Lin Che said, “That’s a misunderstanding on your part. Gu Jingyu just likes to spout nonsense and stir up trouble.”

“Alright, alright. You yourselves know whether or not it’s true. I won’t involve myself in the matter. But if this were to be revealed, wouldn’t you and him become even more popular? Why don’t you two just reveal the relationship? Is it because there’s some inside story?”

“Because we’re really not… ” Lin Che said, vexed.

Qin Wanwan said, “Forget it. If you don’t want to talk about it, I won’t ask about it either. Don’t worry. I won’t tell other people about it in the future too. You and Gu Jingyu can just date properly. I won’t tell anyone. But sooner or later, the two of you still have to make the relationship public. You guys might as well just make it public and then I can also congratulate the two of you publicly.”

“I’m really not… forget it, I won’t explain myself anymore. The more I explain, the messier it gets.”

After she left Qin Wanwan, Yu Minmin came over and asked, “What’s up with her? Why did she suddenly bring up this matter?”

Lin Che said, “I’m not sure either.”

Behind her, Shen Youran said, “Isn’t it obvious? She must have done it on purpose to make Lin Che look bad. Why do I feel like she’s very mean? She suddenly said that just to make trouble for you. If she saw you stutter, not know how to answer the question, or say something you shouldn’t have said upon getting anxious, she would definitely have been happy.

Lin Che looked outside and breathed in. “Forget it.”

Yu Minmin said, “It’s alright. Anyway, you already dealt with it adequately. Lin Che, you’ve been doing pretty well recently. Your ability to react according to the situation improved a lot.”

“It’s because I’m being pushed to do things way beyond my ability. I didn’t know what to say at that moment too.”

Shen Youran said, “Your industry is so messed up. You really get unjustly attacked so often without doing anything. There’s so much more scheming happening than in our office.”

“That’s enough. Do you think that you’re acting in some drama about women in the palace conspiring against one another? What conspiracy?” Lin Che looked at this delusional adolescent and asked.

A few days later, the program began broadcasting.

Because programs that were broadcast on the Internet were always slightly more daring, the things that she had said were directly broadcast without any editing.

Thereafter, the program began to spread rapidly over the Internet.

Lin Che sat in her celebrity van. She saw that there were people on the Internet saying that they really felt that Lin Che was too funny after watching her make those comments. Her comments were too perverted but it was in a way that people liked.

Thereafter, the program was also strongly received on the Internet. It became the episode with the highest viewer ratings, second only to the recent episode in which Gu Jingyu appeared.

In no time, the production team called Yu Minmin to thank Lin Che. If not for her performance this time, the viewer ratings for the program would not have hit a high again. She was merely there as a replacement but in the end, she still helped out so much.

Lin Che swiped upwards to the comment section at the top where Qin Wanwan’s fans and her fans were arguing. Lin Che’s fans very happily commented that she had directly defeated Qin Wanwan this time. In the trailer clip, Lin Che had a few more minutes of screentime as compared to Qin Wanwan. During the filming of the program, Lin Che was also the one who appeared onscreen more. In terms of the actual discussion, the topics that Lin Che talked about were much more exciting. Look at how natural Lin Che was.





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