Friday, 24 April 2020


💯 My Babysitter 💯

{ I love him but he can't be mine}

👉 Episode 26 👈

👅 August Alsina ❌

After parking the car at the garage. I wanted to drink at the moment.

Was Mr Cortez right about what he said?

 I groaned and went over to the bar  at the pool area.

I took a bottle of whiskey and gulp down a bit .

Gosh what's wrong with you Aug? Why are you acting this way?

Love isn't for someone like you .

I drank Abit before deciding to swim.

I stepped into the pool and did some deep diving.

I really enjoy doing that .

I was still trying to hold my breath in deep diving when that crazy girl came and ruined the moment.

I resurface and pulled her outta the pool.

"What are you doing here? Are you stucking me now ? " I furrowed my brows.

" Hell no!! And why would I be stucking someone like you, it's not as if you that cute. " She rolled her eyes faustrated.

" Oh yeah? " I whisper audibly and pulled her to me .

" Ttch!! Yeah" it came out as a whisper.

I brought my face closer to hers and brushed my nose playfully against her cheek making her shuttered.

"Say it again." I whisper into her ear and bit her ear lobe.

She closed her eyes tightly.
 I trailed kissses around her neck area and peeked her cheeks.

"You see you can't repeat it." I smirked evilly.


I placed my finger on her lips.

" Ssh kitty. " I whisper.

I held her closer to my body and tuck a strand of her hair behind.

Peeked her forehead again before pulling away from her and step outta the pool.

Leaving her dumbfounded .




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