Thursday, 23 April 2020


💯 My Babysitter 💯

{ I love him but he can't be mine}

👉 Episode 24👈

❌ August Alsina ❌

Okay what just happened??

 Am seriously loosing it haven't felt this way with anyone before..

Whatever I feel right now is definitely new.
And I don't like it.

My phone also rang disrupting my thoughts.

Okay this is also strange. Why are we getting calls almost the same time?

I took mine and glance at the screen it was Mr Cortez.


I picked up immediately and placed it on my ear.

📞 Hello Mr Cortez . " I greeted Calmly.

📞Oh hey my boy , how are you doing today?" He asked .

📞Am doing quite alright sir." I responded.

📞And Steph?" He asked.

I glanced over at her but she was still on the phone laughing.

📞She's fine also and catching up too. " I stated.

📞I trust my baby , she's definitely gonna catch up to anything including your heart . " He took me off guard.

📞" Wh.. what do you mean by that sir?"

📞 You know exactly what am talking about August , i think it's high time you open your heart to love , Trust me it's gonna help you alot." He said like a father.

I love Mr Cortez so much because he always treats me like a son.

📞 But how did you know all this ? I never change expected you to be talking about love tho." I chuckled at the last part.

He clearly knows what am talking about.

📞 I use to be a love counsellor back in the 90's do believe me when I say anything concerning love." He giggled.

📞 Oh okay mister love counsellor . But what if your prediction went wrong?"

📞 It can't boy. Have been with you for years now and I could boldly say you the only person I could trust with my daughter's heart . Don't let me down. I just placed a bet on both of you." He chuckled softly.

This man is impossible .how can he  just place bets on us.

I glanced at Steph but she took a quick picture of me before I could realize that.


📞Are you there?" His voice made me concentrate on the call.

📞Yes yes am here." I muttered.

📞Think about what I told you ,. You have to make her fall inlove with you first so I can win the bet. " he added.

📞Hmm bye Mr Cortez ." I hang up before he could add more.

I glanced over at Steph again but this time we locked eyes.




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