Monday, 20 April 2020


💯 My Babysitter 💯

{ I love him but he can't be mine}

👉 Episode 18👈

👅 August Alsina 👅

Is this girl okay  at all ?

"What's your problem with that huh?" I raised my eyebrow.

"Hey am just trying to be nice that's all. " She said in defense.

" Well it might interest you to know that I don't give a f*ck if you tryna be nice . "  I spat getting irritated that she was tryna stick her nose where it doesn't belong.

"Ttch!! It's not as if any girl in her right senses would wanna date someone like you" she showed me the  f*ck you sign with her middle finger.

" You have a big mouth yet your brain is extremely small no wonder you don't have a boyfriend." I fired and stood up.

" I hate you" she yelled and stood up angrily and wanted hitting me but I caught her hand Midway and pulled her to me.

Our faces was inches apart as my hot breath fanned her face.

"Trust me kitty the feeling is mutual" I whisper and rubbed my nose against the bridge of her nose.

" I hate you even more" she groaned trying not to break eye contact with me.

"You hate me yet you can't seem to stay away from me ? Who does that?" I smirked as I tried so hard not to look at her cute pouted lips .

" I ..I.. she stammered.

I sneaked my arm around her waist and pulled her even closer.

She gasps as her body rocked against mine.

Her brought my lips to her ear lobe and lick it playfully.

I pressed soft kisses on her name tryna punish her.

A moan escaped her mouth.

I rubbed my nose playfully on her cheek.
She closed her eyes.

" You're being naughty kitty it's not good for you" I whisper into her ear and pulled away.

" Sorry..... I .. 

She stammered foolishly again.

If you wanna shut any noise maker up act like you want them.

"Come with me " I said and led her to the garden outside just at the back of the mansion.

"Woa this place is beautiful , how come I never knew about it? " She giggled as the frigid wind blowing her hair around.

"Because you were busy being a d*ckhead and you fail to see it" I savaged.

" You're so impossible" she rolled her eyes faustrated.

I know she's not gonna forget what happened in the kitchen.




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