Sunday, 19 April 2020


💯 My Babysitter 💯

{ I love him but he can't be mine}

👉 Episode 16👈

❌ August Alsina ❌

I watched her Walk into the kitchen like someone that could actually cook.

I chuckled softly as I watch her go through all the stuffs there.

I specifically asked her Dad to send Mrs jisoo on a one month leave because I know she can't cook.

She came out shortly with a glass of milk and cookies.

"Why don't you try cook something since you're the super woman from LA" I said with a sense of mockery.

" Oh please I don't feel like" she lied.

"Really ? Just say you can't cook it's gonna be understandable" I huffed.

" Who told you so ? I can cook kinda" she shrugged.

"Alright ma'am show me how much of a great cook you're. " I dared her.

" Alright Mr grumpy. " She groaned and went back into the kitchen.

I was seriously trying not to laugh at her .

She's so full of drama.

I watched with kin interest as she walked around the kitchen searching for God knows what. 

In the meantime, let me try surfing the web.

I glanced at her one more time before focusing on my phone.

I logged on to Instagram and went through all the trendy stuff over there.

I went through my notifications , I couldn't help but laugh at how girls were tryna get my attention.

They keep sending me lots of direct messages and mostly their nude.

Stupid beings .

 She finished cooking and kept mine infront of me.

"Am done " sHe presented.

"Oh please " I rolled my eyes and observed the covered dish.

The aroma from the dish is just like a tuna fish.

I opened it slowly and  glance at the plate of burnt tuna salad.

Gosh I hope I don't die after eating this trash.

I pick up a fork and took a tiny bit of it and shove it in my mouth.

Oh boy .
This is not only burn it's terrible.

Too much spices, and taste more like a mad man's sock.

After eating this trash I need to visit the hospital to get myself checked.

"So how's it" she asked showing off her set of teeth.

I looked at her with an expressionless face.

" Your cooking is just as bad as your attitude" I spat .




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