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Melting My CEO`s Heart

Season 2

Episode 169

(Acting on a whim (3)

"A-act as your boyfriend? Are you…serious?"

"Of course I am! Why wouldn't I be?"

Hearing Keren's reply which was given in a straight forward tone, Luke realized that she wasn't joking.

He had known that this woman was…different, but he could never have expected that she would come up with such a crazy idea.

As if to sell the idea further, Keren started walking forward slowly towards Luke, while looking straight into his eyes.

"Think about it! It would become completely clear to her that you've gotten over your feelings for her! She will definitely tell you all about what's going on with my brother, and she might even invite us on double dates! Besides, I'm not even saying that we need to do it for a long time. After you see that everything's back to normal between you two, we can stop acting, and say that we broke up for some reason! Unless you wouldn't want to."

That last part was said in a whisper, so Luke didn't catch it properly.

With each word that came out of her mouth, Keren had been coming closer and closer to him, until her feet were almost touching his by the time she was done.

Even then, that whisper had been so low.

"What was that last part?"

Tilting her head sideways a little bit as if thinking, Keren chuckled and replied, "Oh, that? I was just saying that it'll definitely work."

Her scent was filling his nostrils, and from his position, Luke could also see the valley on her chest, which was exposed due to the low, red dress she was wearing.

Of course, he didn't have any trouble glancing away due to the same reason as before, when he had managed to ignore the pout, but he still couldn't help but gulp because Keren really did smell…very nice.

If he had to describe it, he would say that it was both subtle and strong at the same time, promising one the world and more if they breathed it in, but also not showing too much of itself on the surface, tempting one to want to dive in if they wanted more.

Thinking for a bit, Luke replied in a hesitant tone.

"Wh-what if I still haven't gotten over those feelings?"

As he was looking away, he didn't notice the flash of sullenness that passed across Keren's face as she heard this.

Here she was, trying to woo the man with all her might using all the tricks she had accumulated over the years, and he was still talking about the woman thousands of kilometers away.

At least, this let her confirm that she hadn't been wrong.

This was someone who gave his all, and the one on the receiving end was definitely someone that should count themselves lucky.

Did she want to be that one? Was she jealous of Liz?

Dodging these questions that she asked herself and putting them to the side, Keren once again got the jovial expression from before.

"I know it takes time. You can take all the time you need! But if you want to get back to normal with Liz and have her back as your friend, this is the best method."

Saying this, she started walking away, feeling a little sad due to the fact that it seemed that her 'brilliant' plan was going to be dead in the water.

However, a firm voice made her turn around.

"All right. It's just acting. I do have to get over those feelings, and you're right: the best way for her to see that it's fine to talk to me, is to make her understand that I am over those feelings. Let's do it."

Keren's back was turned to Luke, so he didn't see her face light up like a bulb as she heard this.

Suppressing the urge to jump into the air and cheer, Keren happily skipped to Luke's side and caught his arm abruptly, saying, "That's the way to go! You won't regret this!"

Having his hand caught so suddenly, Luke didn't know what to say.

Other than with Li z and Mary, he had no experience whatsoever with the other gender.

Either by coincidence or unconscious choice, all of his social circle was male.

This he shared with Liz, like many other things that would make many think that they were siblings, not friends.

Keren had caught hold of his wrist, so he tried to decide what to do now.

Thankfully, Keren let go the next second, as if she had observed his discomfort.

Walking to the door and opening it, she turned around and winked at him, which made him sputter slightly.

"So you're my boyfriend now. My brother knows how I am with my boyfriends, so you better stop flinching when touched, otherwise, he'll catch us in the act. You're not a porcupine, for God's sake! Stop being so prickly. They arrive tomorrow morning. Be ready to leave for the tarmac by 8 am."

Leaving these words, Keren shut the door behind her, unable to control her laughter anymore.

He was just so cute!

That innocent way in which he had looked away when she had come close, the clueless expression that had come on his face when she held his hand, the way he raised his eyebrows when she called him a porcupine.

Everything was so adorable!

Giving in and giggling slightly to herself, Keren calmed down before heading downstairs and bidding goodbye to Mary and Derek, after instructing them that a car will be arriving at 8 to pick them up.

Reaching a hotel after that, she tried to sleep, but found that she kept getting dreams about chasing behind someone whose face was hidden in shadows.

After an uneasy night, she woke up and picked up the 3 at the Redmayne house, after taking care to dress herself in one of the most beautiful and tantalizing dresses she had.

So, when she saw the utter surprise on Liz's face, she did something that startled everyone, except Derek.

Picking up Luke's arm in a flash, she placed it on her shoulder before using her arm to hug his waist and pull him closer to her.

As time stood still, Mary, Will, Liz, and even Luke stared at Keren with shock.




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