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Melting My CEO`s Heart

Season 2

Episode 174

(Stargazing (1)

After Liz finally managed to catch Derek and make him stop, everyone in the house gathered for breakfast as they had all gotten up early in the morning and hadn't had any food since then.

During the meal which involved a sumptuous spread that had been prepared by Luke by getting up at the crack of dawn, conversation was mostly about the island that Liz had spent time in.

The details shocked Luke, Mary, and Derek. Although Luke had heard about it all before in the bedroom, he had mostly been ignoring her speech due to the other things that she had been telling him.

Now, when he realized just how fairytale like this whole deal was, he couldn't believe his ears.

Derek, on the other hand, started jumping up and down, saying that he wanted to go.

At this, Will promised him that he would definitely take him, and also give him a trip to the large children's playground that he had skipped over during Liz's tour. According to him, there was a floor-sized space which was fully reserved only for kids to play around, along with state-of-the-art game consoles and the like.

As Derek started to drool, everyone chuckled, as the kid looked so picture perfect that they all wanted to pinch his cheeks.

Keren, on the other hand, kept shooting glances at Luke, as she didn't know what had transpired between him and Liz, and hence, she couldn't decide how to move.

If the jig was up, she would have to take backup measures.

It was only after breakfast that Keren finally managed to drag Luke to the side for a few seconds, during which he told her that the act was still on, which made her smile and tell him that they would be going on their first date soon.

Of course, this made Luke choke, but she left without giving him a chance to say anything.

After this, the trio left the house as all of them had work to catch up on, including Keren who was apparently looking for a new business to begin in the US so that she could stay here for longer periods of time instead of continuously going back to Europe.

Will and Liz headed to Happle's headquarters, where the former got pulled into a number of meetings which he had skipped before, and Liz got down to her regular work as an assistant which involved filling up forms and arranging the schedule of the CEO.

Her reward and appointment in the post she had been promised by Will hadn't been made official yet, so she was still his PA, and she didn't really mind.

She had lunch alone, as Keren was apparently busy meeting with the major venture capitalists around the area and Will was still in his meetings.

At 6 P.M, she left the office and headed back home, with the other two still being no-shows.

After reaching the house, Liz took a bath and changed into pajamas before sitting in front of the TV, catching up on a few shows that she liked to see.

Derek joined her, and this ensued in a fight for the remote control, which was quite weird as they actually had multiple TVs in the house, but they still did it anyway out of habit.

Mary cooked dinner while smiling to herself happily, and the trio had a hearty meal of stewed meat which tasted great.

Will finally messaged Liz at 7, saying that he still had another meeting with someone in the other corner of the world, and that he would see her the next day.

Sighing and musing that the life of a CEO was really busy, Liz prepared to go to bed early, as she was quite tired due to the plane ride and the exciting two days.

As for Luke, he was busy managing the diner and catching up on all the stuff he had put off in the morning to come and pick up Liz at the tarmac.

At 10 PM, Liz had just gotten into bed when she heard a strange noise at her window.

Looking in that direction, she had the scare of her life.

A man wearing what appeared to be a jacket and shirt with jeans was standing there with a large backpack that was visible behind him, and in the darkness, she couldn't clearly make out his face.

Just as she was about to scream bloody murder, a flashlight went on, which the man pointed at his face hastily which enabled Liz to see who it was.

It was her boyfriend.

As she hurriedly reined in her shock and ran to the window to open it, she saw that he was standing on the ledge while smiling at her cheekily.

"Scared you, didn't I? Surprise!"

Hearing this, indignation appeared on Liz's face as she tried to calm her heart that was still beating fiercely due to that scare.

Without thinking, she pushed Will to show her displeasure, but this made an expression of alarm appear on his face as he looked as if he had lost balance and was about to fall back down, which would be a two-storey drop.

"No no no no no!"

As Liz scrambled to grab hold of something of his in order to stop him while panicking, he immediately regained his balance and began chuckling.

It had been another prank?!

This time, Liz really considered pushing him.

Seeing the anger on her face, Will chuckled, saying, "Alright, sorry! I couldn't resist! Don't worry, I could never fall down with this much purchase. I am someone who has trekked multiple mountains, you know. Meet me on the roof."

Saying this, Will leaped up, catching hold of the terrace wall before hoisting himself up.

Liz had to take a few seconds to comprehend what he had said, and after that, she looked up curiously before shaking her head.

So this man had this side to him, to?

Well, she was also quite a good prankster.

Still, she would get her revenge later. First, she wanted to find out why he was here.

So, tiptoeing and taking care not to wake the other inhabitants of the house, Liz headed to the terrace and slowly closed the door behind her.

As she turned around, her eyes fell on one of the most romantic scenes she had ever seen in her life.

A blanket had been laid on the terrace floor, and there was a paper bag that contained food beside it with candles all around and a telescope to the side.

Seeing her come, Will, who was standing in front with his arms opened wide spoke with a smile. "Surprise! And this is the real one. Ready for some stargazing?"





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