Thursday, 23 April 2020


💗 Forced Marriage 💗

{Crazy couple}

💝 Episode 24💝

❌ Jaylen ❌

Omg OMG she's being nice again.

Am so happy right now at least am getting somewhere.

"You won't take it right?" She smirked evilly.

" Nope I won't. " I looked away.

" Okay fine am gonna feed you myself so is either you open your mouth now or am gonna use this fork on your manhood. Choose wisely. " She smiled.

Seriously she's tryna blackmail me.

"Okay fine. I'll have the soup." I rolled my eyes.

"There you go." She shove a spoonful of soup into my mouth.

Hmmm it's not so bad than I thought.

 She picked up a tissue and wiped off a crumbs around my mouth.

I held her hand and pulled her close.

"Am sorry." I whisper audibly.

"For what?" She asked.

"For everything have done to you. And for also misjudging you. If there's any way am gonna make it up to you then I'll do it. " I added.

" She inhaled sharply and pulled away from me and sat down at the edge and kept on feeding me soup.

"You have to prove to me that you have changed truly. And Will be a wonderful husband to me too. " She mumbled as she shoved a spoonful of soup into my mouth.

" I promise am gonna do anything to win your trust." I said like a desperate child.

" Okay then am looking forward to that. In the meantime finish your soup." She frown.

"Thank you so much for everything. " I smiled as she hand me a glass of water.

" It's nothing okay? "

Turns out Jeremy was right .




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