Wednesday, 22 April 2020


💗 Forced Marriage 💗

{Crazy couple}

💝 Episode 21💝

❌ Jaylen ❌

"What are you saying Jerry??" I asked unable to believe what he just said.

" You heard me bro , just think about it would she do that if she really wants you dead. " He said Calmly.

" I refused to believe all of this man. " I rolled my eyes.

"Have said more than enough bro just give it a deep thought." He stood up and left leaving me in my thoughts.

Did she really do all this?

If this is true then I need to apologise to her for everything.

The door pulled open and she walked in .

"It's time for your check up." She said avoiding eye contact with me.

"Hey.... I erm..

" It's okay Jay just forget it no need of explaining anything to me." She shut me up.

Guilt is the only thing that's gonna kill me now.

Did her job and wanted walking away but I pulled her back by the arm.

"I.... I.. am... Erm.. sorry"  I stammered.

She looked at me with a straight face and Freed her hands from mine before walking away ..

God what have I done.

👅 Skyler's POV 👅

I ran into my office and shot the door before slumping to the floor in tears.

Why is life so unfair to me huh?
In as much as I hate him I found out in this past few days that I've fallen for him.

But he's not worthy of my love, he's just a Playboy who will always choose his girlfriends over me.

Gosh you're so stupid sky how could you have fallen for someone like him huh.

I stayed that way crying my eyes out.

I need to kill this feeling , he's not worth it.
I must keep it in mind that he has a girlfriend.



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