Monday, 20 April 2020


💗 Forced Marriage 💗

{Crazy couple}

💝 Episode 17💝

💯 Skyler's POV 💯

Jay was placed on a medical induced coma.

Had to place that order because am not sure if there was any damage done to his brain.

He was supposed to wake up yesterday but when I thought about it being too early.

I need to observe his brain function and see there's any casualties.

Yeah I feel stronger today.
I gave up all other work just to look after him.

I walked quietly to his room with a nurse trailing behind.

We're gonna wake him after doing the necessary check up .

I discovered he can now breath freely without the use of oxeygen mask.

His vitals seem okay.

We disconnected all the wires connected to him and slowly got outta coma.

" He's gonna wake up in one .. two.. three" I said as he flushed his eyes open and gasps for breath.

" Deep breath deep breath" I placed my hand on his chest tryna steady his breathing.

He slowly became calm and his eyes landed on mine.

"Where am I?" He whisper audibly.

"You're at the hospital Jay." I responded.

He closed his eyes in pain like he was tryna remember something.

He groaned softly as the bandage on his head was becoming soaked with blood.

"Quickly morphine" I shouted at the nurse and she brought it to me.

I injected him on the arm and slowly he calmed down.

"Relax now and don't get stressed out in trying to remember anything." I said professionally and he nodded as his eyes became glossy like he was gonna cry.

But why ?? 

"Do you feel pain anywhere?" I took his file reports and entered the necessary information.

" Yeah my head hurts pretty bad" he muttered dryly, his lips was dry and paled.
 I nodded and scrambled something in his files.

"What about your legs ?" I asked as I picked up a needle and pierced his legs .

He winced in pain that's to show he can feel his legs.

Thanks goodness .

I adjusted the strap holding up his legs so he can be more comfortable.



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