Friday, 24 April 2020


💝 Beautiful Tomorrow 💝

{ Eternal love}

💘 Episode 26💘

💜 Porsha's POV 💗

I really appreciate him taking me out.
He's so fun to be and loves to smile alot.

We talked about so many things that I really don't wanna go back home.

"I wish we could be like for awhile." He voice out as we stood by the resort waiting the stars.

"Yeah same here." I smiled.

He held my hand and looked at me.

" You should smile more often. You look beautiful when you smile. " He said Calmly as his were on me.

I blushed heavily and looked away.

"It's okay to blush dear." He whispered audibly.

My heart beat increased rapidly as I tried not to have eye contact with him.

Why do I feel so comfortable around him ?.

I have so many questions in my heart that are yet to be answered.

"Erm it's late I need to go home. Mom would be worried." I mumbled.

"Okay let me drop you off dear. " He responded.

He still held on to me and led me to his car . We got in as he brought the engine to life and drove off to my house.

"So ?" He asked me as he came to halt infront of my gate.

"So?." I played with my fingers.

"We gonna see again right?" He asked.

"Yeah sure . Thanks for today, I really appreciate. "I managed to say for the tension between us was too much.

He moved his face closer to mine and I stood still staring at him lips.

He wanted kissing me but I moved back and set outta the car.

"Good night and bye ." I waved him and rushed into the house.

I made sure he has gone before walking towards the entrance of the building only to be stopped by mom.

"And where are you coming from?"




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