Friday, 24 April 2020


💝 Beautiful Tomorrow 💝

{ Eternal love}

💘 Episode 25💘

👅 Aiden 👅

I took her to the 'casa' a restaurant downtown.

It's a really beautiful restaurant with a ocean view.

"I thought you forgot about me." She whinned.

"Oops I can't forget about my friend dear. " I smiled.

" Are you sure? "  She raised her eyebrows.

" Very sure. So how have you been ? Work?" I asked as I signaled a waiter who came running towards us.

"Good day young master." He bowed slightly and also greeted porsha.

"Good day Dee." I smiled.

"What would you like to have dear." I asked her.

She went over the menu and handed it over to Dee.

" I think I would go for chicken noodle soup. " She responded.

" What about you young master? "

" The regular. " I winked at him.

He knows my favorite dish in 'casa'.

"Two orders coming right up." He said and back to the counter.

" Back to our discussion." I reminded.

" Yeah business has been good ,what about you?" She asked.

" Likewise but I've been sick for sometime but am fine for now."  I said Calmly.

" Oh my Gosh are you okay?" She asked with concern.

"Don't worry am better now." I said.

It's good to know she cares about me.

That's a good start for me.

" Are you sure?"

"Yes am sure." I smiled.

Soon our orders arrived and we started eating and talking too.

I love her vibe she's so lovely.

Well preserved and a beauty queen.
I wish she was mine.



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