Thursday, 23 April 2020


💝 Beautiful Tomorrow 💝

{ Eternal love}

💘 Episode 23💘

👅 Rosa 👅 

I ran upstairs to Mom's room. This can't be happening.

I barge into mom's room angrily without knocking.

"Mom!!!" I shouted.

"What's wrong rose flower why are you shouting? " Mom asked.

"I seriously don't want to believe porsha got my account frozen. !! " I growled .

" What are you talking about rose ? "

" That lowlife got my account frozen because she wants me to exhibit a good character before I can be able assess it. Do something mom else am gonna bring down this roof. " I yelled angrily and left her room.

I went straight to my room and lock myself in.

Gosh I need to get high and forget about this people.

I opened the bed side drawer and brought out a pile of cocaine.  Yes !! That's what I needed at the moment.

I dragged a little bit of it .

Dammn this shit hits the spirit real good.

I laid down excitedly.

You just watch how am gonna away your precious toys one by one.

💜 Porsha's Mom POV 💗

That little brat has really bitten more than she can chew.

Who gave her the right to make my baby girl cry huh?.

I rushed downstairs angrily and met her seated by the TV.

 I moved closer to her and pulled her up before giving her a slap.

"Mom!??" It came out like a whisper.

"How dare you huh?" I barked angrily.

"What have I done wrong Mom." I said in a cracked voice.

"Don't dare call me Mom!! Who gave you the right to make decisions for my daughter huh ? " I spat.

" But.....

"Shut your trap ! When am talking you don't talk. This should be the last time you try such or you gonna regret ever crossing paths with me. " I growled at her .

Kelly came outta nowhere.

" What's going on Mom??" He asked confused as he saw porsha in tears.

" Stay outta this Kel . " I said in between clenched teeth.

He glanced over at porsha who refused to say anything.

"If you know you already froze up her account you had better go and do whatever it takes to grant her assess again , or just forget about me. " I glared at the two disgusting kids before me and rushed back upstairs.

All this will be over once have acquired all her property.



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