Tuesday, 21 April 2020


💝 Beautiful Tomorrow 💝

{ Eternal love}

💘 Episode 20💘

😠 Rosa's POV 😠

She dare raise her filthy hands to slap me.?

Swears am gonna make her pay.

I left the house angrily got into my car and drove off. 

Am gonna deal with her by taking everything she loves away from her.

Gosh I need to drink something to calm my nerves.

I stepped on it drove off to a nearby pub and got drunk.

"Am gonna take your precious wealth from you. " I kept mumbling to myself as I staggered towards my car.

I managed to get in and turned on the ignition.

Unlike when I came I drove off in full speed breaking the LA speed limit.

I feel so high right now I care about nothing.

Unfortunately I drove pass a check point and got the corps hot on my tail asking to stop the car.

Had to stop when two other patrol car drove and stopped infront of mine.

I couldn't go back and I couldn't move forward.

"Get outta the car with your hands where I can see them!!" One of them yelled as he approached me with a gun.

Have no option than to surrender.

I was cuffed and forced into their car and drove off to the station.
That's not my first time being there.

🎀 Porsha's POV 🎀

Argh!! I groaned angrily and smashed the vase in my room.

She thinks she own everything then can control how we leave our lives.

She had the audacity to slap my beautiful princess.

There's no backing out on this , she's going down.

Felt like strangling the life outta here but I restrained.

My buzzing phone caught my attention.

I moved towards the drawer and picked it up.

📞 Hello who's speaking? " I asked the moment I picked up the call.

📞 Am coming from the police station , we have your daughter in our custody and your attention is needed here or else she's gonna be sent to jail. " He said.

My mood darken immediately he said that.

📞 Okay thanks I'll be there shortly. " I said and hang up.

She's in the police custody all because of this foolish girl.

I growled angrily before picking up my car keys.

I got into my car and drove straight to the station.




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