Tuesday, 21 April 2020


💝 Beautiful Tomorrow 💝

{ Eternal love}

💘 Episode 19💘

🎀Porsha 🎀

I stayed in my room hurt by what Alex said.

Maybe she was right! Haven't fallen in love before , so I don't have the right to advice her on love issues.

I thought sisters are supposed to look after each other but in Rosa's Case it's the opposite.
Sometimes I think she's cursed.

There was a time she got beaten to stupor in college for having an affair with her best friend's boyfriend.

Another one was with a family friend , she practically slept with her husband and was almost sent to jail thanks to me.

Mom isn't doing anything at all.

One time it was the school principal and a janitor too.

I mean who does that.
I don't appreciate the fact that she's tryna drag our family name to the mud.

A knock landed on my door disrupting my thoughts.

The door clicked open. It was Kelly.
"Are you there sis?" He checked around the room before his eyes landed on me.

"Am here." 

"Mom wants you downstairs now!" He said Calmly.

" Okay am right behind you." I stood up and walked towards the closet.

I wore something simple before stepping outta my room.

I jogged downstairs quietly to the living room.

Mom was seated on her master chair while Rosa and Alex stood opposite her.

"You sent for me Mom." I stated.

"Have a seat my child." She gestured me to seat beside her. Kelly took his seat too.


"What happened her this morning?" She asked.

" Nothing much except for the fact that Rosa is at it again." I said menacingly.

" Ohh is now my fault huh ?" Rosa wanted to say but mom stopped.

" Shut your trap rose .you should be ashamed of yourself for what you have done." Mom spat.

Rose glared at me hard while Alex kept her head low.

Can you imagine she's not feeling remorseful.

" Ashamed of what mom! Ashamed of the fact that I was able to do what she can't do ? Gave him seven position in seven... ....

I didn't let her finish before I gave her a slap.

I hate shitty folks.

"Just shut it Rosa you have said more than enough. Where's your dignity huh?" I shouted at her.

She held her cheeks glaring at me like she was gonna Pierce my skin with her eyes.

"Calm down porsha you know it's not good to get angry." Mom said and I sat back.

"  Am sorry for what I said porsha." Alex mumbled.

"Hey it's okay am not mad at you for what you said,I understand you were angry."  I smiled at her.

She sniffed and wipe off her tears.

"Swears all of you are gonna pay this I promise you." Rose yelled and walked out on us.

" Rosa!!! "

" Let her go Mom we're tired. " I rolled my eyes and stood up.



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