Monday, 20 April 2020


💝 Beautiful Tomorrow 💝

{ Eternal love}

💘 Episode 18💘

💗 Porsha 🎀

Sometimes I wonder if Rosa is actually a Gerald.

How could she do this to Alex knowing full well that Alex has a fragile heart.

Alex got outta my bed in anger and wanted rushing out but I stopped her because I know how she is when she's angry.

"Hold up Alex calm down don't try anything stupid. " I said but she ignores and rushed outta my room.

I have to go after her else Rosa will receive it hot From her .

I didn't bother changing my clothes , I ran after her in my bathrobe.

I got downstairs just in time to stop her from eating Rosa up.

"Let me go you freak!" Rosa yelled out in pain.

"You Snitch! , you liar!" Alex groaned with furry .

"Please let go of her hair Alex" I pleaded trying to save Rosa from her ..

"Am gonna end your miserable life today." Alex said obviously angry.

"Listen to me Alex let her go now !!! " I shouted at me and gave Rosa a hot slap across the face.

" Don't even try to talk Me outta dealing with cheap slut, "she growled and dragged Rosa's hair roughly.

" For crying out loud she's your elder sister. Believe we can talk about this like adults here" I said and pulled Rosa from her grip.

" What do you know huh? Afterall you haven't fallen in love with anyone before so you don't know how it feels to be betrayed and cheated on,

" you think you're all perfect and a virgin that I'd better than us maybe that's why you can't see Rosa for who she really is. 

"You keep saving her from troubles but what about how I was going to feel ? "

" you know what? I hate the fact that am from this God forsaken family ...

I didn't let her finish as I landed a slap on her face.

She's beginning to talk outta line.

"That's enough Alex I won't have you insult me or the family name " I growled at her as my eyes had become all red.

She held her face and kept looking at me with sadden eyes.

"And as for you Rosa you should be ashamed of yourself, imagine chasing after your younger sister's boyfriend. You're too cheap to be called a Gerald .

" If you know what's good for you better apologize to her now or get ready to go broke cause am gonna get your account frozen. " I yelled at her.

" You wouldn't dare b*tch!! " She rolled her eyes at me .

You know her problem? She never admit it whenever she's at fault. 

"Oh I just did " I said angrily.

"What's going on here?" Kelly asked coming in.

"Ask your sisters" I spat and rushed upstairs.




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