Sunday, 19 April 2020


💝 Beautiful Tomorrow 💝

{ Eternal love}

💘 Episode 15💘

🎀 Porsha's Mom POV 🎀

I was at the balcony of my room as usual enjoying the cool evening breeze.

Milo was sleeping on the bed too, lazy car.

I glanced over at the walls of the mansion, suddenly a car stopped by the mansion.
At first I thought it was one of Kelly's friends but I was shocked to the bone when I found out it was porsha and a guy.

She waved at him before rushing into the house.

Is it me or am I imagining things?

No this is not possible, maybe he's just a friend.

A knock landed on my door shortly , I knew instantly that she was actually the one.

I muttered a come in and she did.

"Hello mom good evening" she greeted and pecked my cheek.

" Evening dear how was your day? " 

" It was superb mom , hope you weren't stressed out today? " She cooed.

" Nah am good , I see you just made a new friend. " I took her by surprise.

" Oh that well we not actually friends tho he just offered to drop me off at home that's all. " She simply replied.

I felt relieved .

" Okay good you can make friends with them but don't fall in love with them , they're evil beings hope you understand my dear? " 

" Totally Mom, you know I won't do that. " She smiled sheepishly.

" Yeah I trust you my baby girl why don't you go take a shower and rest , you must be really tired dear . " I stroke her hair and kissed it.

" Okay mom thanks and have a good night rest" she said and peeked before walking towards the door.

"And you too my dear." I blow her an invisible kiss.

She giggled and ran out.

I made sure she was gone before picking up my phone and dialed a number.

📞 Good evening Boss" he greeted immediately he picked up.

📞 Where are you Mack? " I asked.

📞 In the hideout Boss , why do you asked" 

📞I need you to keep an eye on someone and report to me everything she does" I said Sternly.

📞 Okay who's this person?" He asked.

📞Porsha Gerald , keep an eye on her okay ? Don't worry about your money and gonna send it to you tomorrow morning. " I said Calmly.

📞 Okay noted boss consider it done" he assured.

📞I believe we're done here right? " I asked.

📞Yes boss" he responded.

📞Good. " I ended the call.

I want to know what's going on with my little birdie this days.



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