Friday, 24 April 2020


💯Bad Girl In Love 💯

{  I hate that I love you}

👉 Episode 26👈

👅 Davis 👅

I got into the house with the help of dad's security men.

Where are they when you need them.

I walked towards the living room only to meet dad struggling with the cops.

"Don't touch me okay ?  I didn't do anything." He defended.

"Hey what's going on here?" I asked as I got there.

Mom was all worked up.

"Am sorry sir but we're given a warrant to bring in Mr Cortez for questioning. " The inspector said Calmly.

" Davis tell them I didn't do anything. " He said.

" How am I supposed to know you didn't do anything? Besides the video clearly shows that you shut those people , how do you deny that? " I said angrily.

Have known my Dad to be a mischievous and ruthless man but I never expected him to go this far as killing someone.

"What are you saying Ian? He's your father for crying out loud. He didn't do it. " Mom said in a supportive tune.

And that's the problem with her she's always supporting him even when he's wrong.

"Mom can you please for once in your life stop standing up for someone who doesn't respect you. " I barked at her.

She flinched back in fear.

"How dare you Davis!!!" He growled but the inspector held him back and cop him.

" You can do your job inspector and update on anything." I said and looked away.

He was dragged outta the house shamefully.

"How could you do this huh? How could you let them take away your father. ", She yelled out tears holding on to my shirt.

" Stop it Mom!!! " Lucas shouted from the entrance.

I guess he also saw the news.

"When is it gonna dawn on you that you got married to a beast mom. "Lucas groaned.

" He's my husband what do you expect me to do huh?? ", She sobbed even more.




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