Friday, 24 April 2020


💯Bad Girl In Love 💯

{  I hate that I love you}

👉 Episode 25👈

😉Davis 😉

I sat down on the couch in my office thinking about everything that's happened.

I had requested for a meeting with miss Talia one more time I sincerely hope she grants this request.

Gosh am so fed up with everything going on with my family.

All of this is dad's fault.
Am supposed to go home right now but I can't I just wanna get together another fresh presentation.

I decided to listen to the news channel to keep me busy when I heard dad's name.

I picked interest in the news and decided to focus on the TV only for a video clip of Dad clearly shooting , the vice president and prime minister Bartlet.

Oh my goodness!!! oh my goodness.!!!

This is not possible.

I grabbed my car keys and rushed outta the building and went straight to my car.

I need some explanation of all this drama.

I don't want to believe that Dad was actually the one that killed those people.

I seriously don't want to believe that.

I drove in high speed distracted by everything.

Trying to process the whole thing.

There's no doubt he'll be arrested for this if found guilty.

I got to our house shortly but the whole place was crowded with the press.

I need no one to tell me what was about to happen.
Or will definitely happen.

👥Sir sir can you shade more light on this issue" the kept throwing questions at me as I tried to find my way in.

👥 Sir is it true your father actually murdered the vice president and the prime minister?" 

👥 Do you understand you stand to lose everything because of this ?"

The questions kept coming , had to get outta the mist forcefully.

Luckily I was able to get into the house.


  1. You have to pay for the sin u know notin about davis because of u selfish and greedy dad

  2. Enter your comment...its all because of ur dad greediness u are suffering



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