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Season 2

Episode 5

(You make me sick)

The servants all kept quiet for a few seconds, and then one of them spoke up,"We are going to tell Mr. Gu the truth unless you pay us three times of our salary. Zola, you will fall on hard times in due course."    

"Fine, three times it is. I am going to pay you now!" yelled Zola. It was her duty to pay the servants. Zola had to make compromises with them and pay them what they had asked for, regardless of whether she was angry or not.    

Meanwhile, Jacob and Emily were upstairs.  

"Are you unhappy?" asked Jacob suddenly, as he looked into Emily's eyes.    

Emily shook her head and answered with a slight smile on her lips,"No, I am fine."    

Emily thought that it was quite normal for the servants to misunderstand her as a vain and mammonist woman. If she were in their shoes, she might have felt the same way as they did.    

What about Jacob? What did he think of her?    

Jacob gazed deeply into Emily's eyes, as if he was trying to read her mind. "You don't have to pay attention to what others say. I believe you.  

People should live for themselves, not for others. Find joy in your own life. The most important thing is to have a clear conscience,"  said Jacob.    

"Have a clear conscience..." Emily repeated his words contemplatively. 

The doubts in her mind were eventually diminished, and finally she said,"I understand now."    

Jacob was a mature man with an outstanding faculty, charming personality and a profound understanding of life, who could always make her understand the things that she did not understand before.  

Emily had a smile on her face as Jacob squeezed her rosy cheeks with great pleasure.    

Since the two of them got together, Jacob would take care of all her necessities, such as her food, clothes, shelter, transportation and even her emotional problems. He would solve all of her troubles without hesitation.    

Jacob felt like the responsibility of taking care of Emily rested upon him, because she was his girl.    

"When you are feeling better, you should come to the Gu Consortium,"  he said.    

Emily was somewhat confused with his words and asked,"What am I going to do in your company?"  

"Work,"  replied Jacob, nonchalantly.    

"But… I don't know anything about your company!" Emily replied, sounding concerned. Emily's major was in jewelry design, and she knew nothing about other occupations.    Jacob gazed deeply into her eyes and said seriously,"I can teach you. People of your caliber shouldn't stay in a small company like LA."    

As a matter of fact, Jacob had deliberately inspected Emily's previous work and found that she had special talents in management. 

Until now, she didn't know about her other talents because she was only devoted to jewelry design.  

Jacob did not want to let her talents go to waste. Of course, he also had a little bit of selfishness as he wanted her to be close to him all the time.    

Emily was hesitant about Jacob's suggestion,"But I like working in the LA Company."    

"So you don't want to get revenge on Jack?" Jacob reminded her in a cold tone. Suddenly, Emily became clear-headed.    

Although, she hadn't exacted revenge upon Jack yet, her resolve was strengthened by Jacob. Jack was a wretched man who had gotten away with all the pain he had put her through time and time again, without consequence.  

"You have to be the one to lever him out of his job as head of the Gu Consortium. That would be the most fitting punishment for him. If you still remain in the LA Company, you will never have the chance to do so,"  said Jacob, as he led her on systematically.    

Emily grew silent, as she found herself at an impasse, unable to take a leap of faith.    

Keep working at her dream or take revenge on Jack, what was she to choose?  

Jacob saw through her qualms and said meaningfully,"You don't need to give up anything. I will have people manage the LA Company in your absence. You can still design jewelry in the future. The only thing you need to do now is to acquire more skills and move your office from the LA Company to my company."    

It was always like that. Jacob was doing something good for her, but she didn't know how to repay him.    Emily nodded at his handsome face, and answered,"Okay, I promise you."    


After dinner, Emily was preparing to go back to her room to sort out the necessary informations for tomorrow's meeting. However, on her way there, she saw Zola creeping up to a room quietly. It seemed as if she was hiding something.  

What the heck was she doing?    Emily couldn't help following Zola curiously, as she crept behind the door. She gently pushed the door open and peeked through the narrow crack.    

Zola was laying on her bed, holding something in her hands, and sniffing it. She took a deep breath as if she were intoxicated, as her eyes rolled upwards. Emily assumed that she was doing drugs of some sort.  

However, when Emily took a careful look at Zola's hands, Emily was dumbstruck in an instant, with a frozen expression on her face.    

It was Jacob's clothes!    

Jacob always wore the same brand. Emily recognized it at first glance because she had seen his clothes several times.    

…… Zola was a pervert!    

However, before Emily recovered from the shock, she heard a loud noise. "Bang!"    

Emily was frightened by the sudden loud noise. When she turned around to see what it was, she found that it was Jacob who had kicked the door open.  

Zola jumped out of bed in horror and saw Jacob. She stuttered, pale and frightened,"Mr. Jacob, let me explain..."    

Jacob gave Zola a cold look, with an expression of disgust, and said,"Zola, you really make me sick!"    

Zola's face changed in a flash. She got up and walked towards Jacob. "Mr. Jacob, I just... I like you very much! Is that wrong?" confessed Zola.    

Jacob threw the file pocket that was in his hand at Zola, and said ironically,"You should know clearly about what you did."  

Zola tore open the file pocket and looked at the pictures of the surveillance videos that were printed. In the pictures, she was adding an unknown liquid to the laundry detergent. Aside from that, there was also a laboratory sheet in the file.    

In fact, after Emily told Jacob the truth about that matter, he had asked his people to investigate. The evidence had just arrived and was sent to his study shortly after.    

What caught Jacob by surprise was the disgusting scene he had been subjected to when he came to find Emily.    

At this moment, Zola was thoroughly panicked. When she met Jacob's icy gaze, she couldn't stop herself from falling to the ground, dizzy and weak. "Mr. Jacob, I see that I was wrong…"  

Zola didn't expect Jacob to find out what she had done so quickly. He didn't even give her a chance to defend herself.    

Jacob looked at Zola compellingly, with a cold expression. "Tell me who gave the orders to you. Who?" Jacob asked.    

Zola was entangled in contradictions. When she came up with an excuse, she quickly gritted her teeth and said,"I did it myself, because I am jealous of Emily who has your love and your heart..."    

Jacob snorted in a cold tone,"Since you didn't want to speak the truth, don't blame me for being rude to you."  

Half a minute later, several black-coated bodyguards came in and caught Zola.    

Zola struggled violently, as she fell at Jacob's feet, pleading,"Mr. Jacob! Mr. Jacob, please forgive me this time! I must have been possessed, but I did it because I liked you!" replied Zola.    

After Zola said that, she reached out to bet at Jacob's leg, but before she could even touch him, she was kicked away.    

"You make me sick!" Jacob said this sentence again.  

Zola was caught by bodyguards once more. This time she could hardly struggle and escape. She could almost imagine what she would suffer next, which scared her very much. The bodyguards took Zola away. This time resistance seemed futile. She could almost imagine what she would suffer next. She was haunted by the horrors of what was to come.

"Mr. Jacob! Please forgive me this time, for my mother's sake. I really know I'm wrong!" pleaded Zola.



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