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Season 2

Episode 3

(Reason for stealing my underwear)

All of a sudden, the female voice that came out of nowhere shocked Emily. She turned around, almost in an instant and looked at Zola, who had come into the room unannounced.    

"I came to look for something, and I put it in the pocket of Jacob's shirt today."    

Emily suddenly realized that she could actually lie very naturally, if she was not in front of Jacob.    

Zola did not seem to believe her. She insisted," I will help you find it."  

"No, I have found it."    


Zola nodded. However, she was wondering whether Emily had discovered the truth or not.    

She wanted to take away the clothes of Jacob as quick as she could.    

Emily, however, grabbed Zola's hand and stared at her quietly. She tried to imitate Jacob's usual stern expression. She couldn't tell whether she had succeeded or not, but from the guilty expression on Zola's face, it seemed to be working.  

"What are you so anxious?" asked Emily.    

"I...I need to wash Mr. Jacob's clothes,"  she replied, with the expression of a guilty person on her face. Emily's eyes were so sharp that as she could see through all her thoughts.    

"Oh, it must be very hard for you." Emily loosened her grip and patted her hand. She revealed a simple and gentle smile. By the looks of it, nothing seemed out of the ordinary.    
Zola snorted. It turned out that she was getting worked up over nothing.    

"I am just doing my job for Mr. Jacob, It's not that hard anyway,"  said Zola.  

Emily smiled back at her and said nothing, as she walked out of the room with the other party. Perhaps it was because Emily had been with Jacob for a long time, her alertness had improved. She knew very well not to act rashly in front of the enemy to avoid alerting them.    

No matter who the enemy was.    

Zola held the clothes and went out of the door after Emily. She closed the door behind her and looked at Emily. "Miss Emily, Mr. Jacob does not like it when others enter his room without permission. I'm telling you this for your own good,"  said Zola. There was a hint of warning in her tone.  

"Really?" Emily pretended to be surprised, and then deliberately revealed a shy and harmless expression. She casually replied," But he wanted me to move to his bedroom a few days ago, saying that his room's orientations were better..."    

'That was because you pretended to be pregnant, and Jacob did it for the unborn child!'    

Zola suppressed her inner thoughts and tried her best to restrain herself from yelling out loud. She feigned a smile and said," It seems that Mr. Jacob likes you very much."  

"Yeah,"  replied Emily, pretending to be unaware, as she continued to show off intentionally or unintentionally, and then she continued," But I refused. I don't like the color of his room; it looks so dull. I don't like it at all. He also promised that he would redecorate that bedroom...according to my favorite style..."    


Zola did not want to listen to Emily anymore, as she hurriedly interrupted her," Miss Emily, I have to wash Mr. Jacob's clothes. I am sorry I won't be able to keep you company any longer."    

"That's not a problem at all. I should also get some rest."  

Emily did not miss the twisted hatred in Zola's eyes as her angry hands pulled together the clothes she was carrying. Emily stopped showing off, because she thought that Zola would hit her if she didn't stop talking.    

Discovering the truth was more than enough.   
Emily's initial impression of Zola, when she first met her, was accurate. She was right about the fact that Zola hated her because she also had feelings for Jacob.    

Indeed, Zola was a cunning schemer. In truth, Emily did not know where Kate was, she just knew that she had been fired. However, there wasn't any testimony of witness after the conspirator went away.  

Emily went back to her own room, closed the door behind her and took off her coat.    

She knew that Zola was looking to destroy the evidence, so she kept a watchful eye on Zola. When Zola was not paying full attention, she secretly took a piece of clothing and hid it in her coat.    

When Emily reached into her coat pocket, she was dumbfounded.    The piece of clothing she had hidden, was actually the underwear Jacob had once worn!    

"My God……" That piece of "clothing" was the underwear! What a nightmare!  

Emily stood there in confusion for a while. She decided to hid the underwear in the closet, in case she ever needed it...    

In the evening, when Jacob returned, Emily was already asleep.    
When Jacob came in and looked at Emily's peaceful, sleeping face, he couldn't stop himself from kissing her. As he intended, he woke up the sleeping beauty.    

"Don't touch me..." she moaned, still half-asleep. In Jacob's eyes, Emily was like a little cat. She made his heart flutter...    

She was so cute.  

How could there be such a lovely woman in the world?    

Afraid of annoying Emily, Jacob did not touch her again. By then Emily had already woken up in confusion, watching the man go through her wardrobe.    

Sometimes Jacob would sleep in her room, so she kept a few of his clothes in the closet here. It seemed like he was planning on sleeping here today.    

Emily was very relaxed about it. She never had a problem with Jacob staying over; while in the past, it was because she thought she was pregnant, and tonight she was having her period. There was nothing he could do with her current situation. Besides, after everything they had been through together, it seemed pointless to stop him...  

However, she seemed to have forgotten something important.    The thought rushed back into Emily's mind as soon as Jacob opened the closet. Emily yelled," STOP!"    

However, it was already too late. Jacob saw the underwear that he had changed during the day and it was just quietly lying in Emily's wardrobe.    

"Emily, I didn't expect you to have such a hobby... Well... Secretly hiding my worn underwear?"  

Jacob had a wicked smile on his face. His sarcastic voice had brought back Emily to her senses. Her cheeks blushed like ripe tomatoes as she said," Get your mind out of the gutter and don't misunderstand me. I have my reasons for doing this..."    

She tried very hard to sound serious, but it was only making things worse.    

"If that's what you're into, you can keep it. You can take as many as you like,"  he said. Jacob's eyes had an aura of mischief, and the corners of his lips lifted upwards. "Now, this one is also for you, okay?"    


Emily quickly understood what Jacob meant.    

It wasn't difficult to guess because Jacob was undressing himself.    The man quickly shed his clothes, revealing his strong and slender physique. His eight pack abs were like the carvings on Greek statues...    
"I'm done!"    

Emily blushed and continued," You don't have to give me this one!"    

It was of no use to Emily anyway, since Zola had already cleaned up the smell of Jacob's clothes. Besides, she had no interest in collecting his undergarments... The one she had was enough, and she didn't want another one!  

"Don't be shy. I won't laugh at you. It's just a pair of underwear..."    

"I said I don't want it!"    

Emily stressed her point and went back to sleep, as if she was afraid that Jacob would take off his underwear and put it in her hand.    Looking at the small thing, curled up in bed, Jacob smiled, feeling content. He finally left her to sleep and went for a shower.    

After he got out, he found Emily still rolling around under the quilt.    

Jacob pulled the quilt away, only to find Emily's face still blushing, not knowing whether it was because of shame, or because it was stuffy.  

"Don't you feel hot in there?"

"I do,"

Emily answered Jacob frankly. Seeing the serious expression on Jacob's face, she got up and sat down on the bed.

Jacob reached out and wiped the sweat on her nose calmly before he asked," So, can you tell me the reason behind your stealing my underwear? Miss Emily?"



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