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Spoiled Girl

Season 2 

Episode 16

(I will never hate you)

Rita didn't ask him what was the matter, instead she rudely said,"Get out."    

Although David was angry at Rita's response, he bite down his anger willingly, without saying a word.    

'Well then, I'll get out. As you wish.'    With that in mind, David walked out of the ward in haste. He quickly got to his car and drove off to where Nora was.    

Before long, David arrived at his destination. As soon as he got off the car, he saw a slender figured woman, squatting under a sycamore tree all by herself. "Nora!" David called out to her.  

Nora raised her head immediately upon hearing David's voice. Without wasting another second, she ran towards him and threw herself into his arms. "Oh, David!" she said.    

Having been through a lot of trouble, Nora's tender body was shivering in David's arms. Every time David found her like this in the past, his heart would melt, as his desire to care for her and give her everything she wanted would become his utmost priority. This time, however, David did not have those feelings anymore. Something in his heart had changed. Perhaps there was another woman who was slowly starting to occupy his heart before he could realize.  

Finding himself in doubt, David hesitated, as he thought about whether he should push her away or not. David, being the gentleman that he was, did not turn her down, instead, he said,"Let's get you out of here first."    

Nora nodded, like an obedient child. She followed David and got on the car. With bloodshot red eyes from all the crying, her mascara was smeared all over her rosy cheeks.    David drove Nora straight to his house and set her up to stay there. After they got everything settled, David asked Nora,"What happened between you two?"  

Nora faltered,"We had a big fight." However, she didn't follow that up with any explanation, as no matter how many times David asked her, she kept on weeping uncontrollably.    

Every time David saw a girl crying, his heart would soften, let alone a girl he had been in love with in the past. He tried to comfort her,"Nora, don't cry..."    

Bathed in his gentle voice, Nora's face grew more sad. She threw herself into his arms again, seeking comfort. "David..." she said.  

David habitually patted her shoulder, trying to comfort her. But soon he remembered that it was an inappropriate thing to do because she was already married to someone else. So as to not be rude, he gently pushed her away and said,"Nora, you're married now. You should keep a certain distance from other men."    

Yes, David liked Nora, but she was married to his second elder brother now. Nora was his sister-in-law.    

It didn't feel right to be to close to each other under such circumstances. They needed to maintain a distance between them...  

"Dear David..." said Nora, as she looked at him helplessly; she continued,"We have been there for each other since we were kids. By saying that, did you mean that you do not wish to be my friend anymore?"    

"I..." David didn't know how to respond. He went silent for a while, and then said,"Nora, if my brother finds out that we are so intimate, he won't be happy about it."    

His words seemed to have made things worse, as Nora bit her lip and continued sobbing.    

When David was looking at Nora, Rita's face suddenly appeared in his mind out of nowhere. 'Rita hardly ever cries like this. Well, except for that one time...'  

With Rita in his heart, David looked at the crying woman in his arms and decided that it would be best if he kept his distance from Nora. "Get some rest, Nora. I'll call my brother to take you home tomorrow."    

"David, do you..." Nora wanted to ask him something, but she finally decided not to. She wanted to ask him if he still had feelings for her.    

Nora sensed an inexplicable difference in David's eyes. If she had asked that question before, she firmly believed that David's answer would be 'Yes'. But now, she was not sure anymore. Her instincts were telling her that something was slowly changing, but she didn't know what it was, or if there was anything she could do about it.  

While both of them sat there in quietly, a sudden ringtone broke the silence.    

David took out his phone to see who was calling him, and it turned out that he didn't know the number. While he was hesitating whether to answer it or not, Nora snatched the phone from his hand and threw it on the sofa.    

"David, do you hate me now?" asked Nora.    

Frustrated, David answered,"No, Nora, I don't hate you."  

When David found out that he could not marry Nora, he forced himself to forget her and began dating other girls. In doing so, he left an impression on other people that he was fickle and a playboy. However, nobody knew that there was a girl hiding deep inside his heart.    

In the end, that girl married his second elder brother, and he was forced to marry Rita.    

"If you don't hate me, do you think we can go back to being as we were before? I want you to be my friend. You've said that you'll protect me and you won't allow anyone or anything to make me sad..." said Nora.  

David could no longer keep his guard up, as his heart softened after hearing what she had said. After all, they grew up together, and it wasn't easy for him to erase her from his mind. "Okay, I'll be your brother forever, your dear David,"  he said, with a comforting smile on his face.    

No matter what had happened, he still cared about her. Perhaps not in the way lovers cared for each other, but in a way a friend did for another friend.    

Satisfied and relieved, Nora rested her head on his firm chest. A momentary smile appeared on her face, before it quickly vanished into thin air.  

Meanwhile, at the hospital.    

"The family member of this patient isn't answering the phone..." said the medical staff, anxiously. When she tried to call David again, a 

woman's voice stopped her.    

"Don't call him. I'll sign the papers myself,"  Rita said very slowly. Her voice was filled with pain and sorrow.    

"That's the only choice now,"  said the medical staff, as she immediately let Rita sign her name on the paper. Soon they wheeled her into the operation room.    

The doctors weren't expecting Rita's condition to become so critical after her vitals had just stabilized earlier on. Moreover, to make matters worse, they couldn't find the man who was supposed to be responsible for taking care of Rita...  

The medical staff began to sympathize with Rita.    

All the doctors and nurses in the operating room focused their full attention towards Rita. They were trying to save the delicate woman who was lying on their operation table.    

A few hours later, all the doctors and nurses came out of the operating room feeling relieved. The operation was a success.    They were able to save both the woman and her child.  

Meanwhile, Rita was still in a coma. She was wheeled out of the operation room and taken into the sterilized room for further observation. One of the medical staff tried to call David again, but he still wasn't answering the phone. Having run out of choices, the staff decided to look up Rita's address book and find another person to contact.    

At the President's office of the Gu Consortium.    

In front of Emily was a stack of professional books. She rested her chin on one hand, and took notes with the other. 'You can do it, Emily!' she encouraged herself.    

In the past few days, she studied as hard as when she was preparing for the college entrance examination some years ago.  

A few hours passed by, as Emily was starting to feel sleepy. She could not see the words clearly as he eyelids were struggling to keep open.    

Finally, she stopped resisting and fell asleep at the table.    

While he was working, Jacob cast a glance at Emily, only to find that she had fallen asleep. He smiled, stood up, walked towards her and covered her with a blanket.    

"Such a hard-working girl,"  he muttered.    

Jacob ran his slender finger between her eyebrows, and then her eyebrows, her nose, her lips and her cheeks.  

Suddenly, he was interrupted by an unwelcome ringtone that disrupted his peace. Annoyed by it, Jacob was about to cut the call, when Emily woke up.    

"What happened? What happened? I'm not sleeping. I'm still studying..." Emily woke up in a haze, blurting out whatever that came to her mouth. She noticed his discomfort and said,"Ah, it's the phone."    

Emily realized that Jacob wasn't angry at her for falling asleep; he was just annoyed at the phone for disrupting his peace.  

Relieved, Emily picked up the phone and answered,"Hello..."

As soon as she heard the voice on the other side of the call, her face turned pale with concern. "Okay, I'll be right there!" she assured.




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