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(I said you're qualified)

Needless to say, Jacob was in good mood, as he put his arms around Emily's shoulders and swaggered out of LA Company. When the other employees passed by and greeted him, he smiled and greeted them back, which made the employees feel flattered.    

"Miss Emily and Mr. Jacob are on such good terms." said one of the employees. There were many female employees gossiping about the couple as they watched them walk by happily.    

There was no denying that the status and reputation of the LA Company was rising. Since Jacob did not hide their relationship to the public, many big businesses and clients came forward to curry favor with Emily, and then with Jacob.  

Most people wouldn't know, but those who were in the upper circle all year round knew very well that the LA Company was established by Jacob so that this woman could try her hand in running a business. If it were not for Jacob, they would not care to do business with such a small company.    

Jacob wouldn't care less about what people say, and he would do whatever he could to make his girl happy. This was the so called theory "To save the country in a round about way."  

Emily, however, did not concern herself with the nitty gritty details. She only knew that business in the LA company was getting bigger and better. She frequently telephoned Victor, who was nowhere to be found in the public eye, to report the current affairs of the company. That was fine with Jacob, but he asked her to telephone Victor only when it was really necessary.    

The employees of the LA Company became more confident in carrying out their duties. They walked tall and were proud of the job they were doing.    

That's just the way it was! They had Jacob, who was well-known in the business circles, at their back, enabling them to show off among their peers.  

The Tao's Villa.    

"Bang!" Tina was so angry and frustrated at the photos of Jacob and Emily together as lovers that she threw her cellphone to the wall and broke it.    

Jacob did not show Tina any mercy, since she made trouble with Emily's company. Tina owed it all to her brother Mark, who went and settled the problem with Jacob. Having been severely reprimanded by her parents, Tina felt wronged, but it also forced her to behave well for some time.  

However, Tina could no longer sit still after seeing Jacob and Emily together in the photos.    

"Who was it that made my Tina so angry? Hm?" asked Mark. Mark had just come back from work when he saw his beloved sister sitting on the couch, pouting her mouth in anger. He walked over to her and tried to comfort her.    

Seeing Mark treat her like a child got Tina even more angry. She yelled," It's Emily! Now she's shamelessly prancing around in public with Jacob. Besides, she is pregnant with his child!"    

Tina gnashed her teeth in anger, barely getting the last sentence out of her mouth. She wished that she could rip Emily's heart out right away.  

There was a trace of anger in Mark's eyes, but a moment later, he resumed his usual tenderness and said," Tina, as your brother, don't mind if I ask you like this, but do you really love Jacob or not?"    

Tina was taken aback. It seemed that she did not expect her brother to ask her such a question. Her cheeks reddened a little as she replied," Of course I do!"    

"How much do you love him?"    

"Very much!"    

Mark fondled her beautiful face and said," Even if he doesn't love you?"

 Tina blushed and rebutted loudly," Jacob will love me! He just doesn't know me very well yet, but I'm certain that he will fall in love with me eventually."    

Mark paused. Slowly, he feigned a smile, and said," Then, Tina, you should learn to be smart, and do not react to the incitements of other people. Only in this way can you leave a good impression on Jacob. Do you understand?"    

Mark's words of wisdom made Tina fall into deep thought. Suddenly she looked at her brother with sad eyes and said," Mark, you mean that someone had taken advantage of me?"  

A keen light flashed in Mark's eyes, as he habitually rubbed his fingers down his sister's long hair and whispered," There are some things you don't need to do by yourself. You don't have to do the dirty work. You know what I mean?"    

"Oh..." Tina did not fully understand.    Mark sighed with profound resignation and said affectionately," You really are a spoiled brat."    

"I am not! I am a good and considerate person!" Tina pouted reproachfully, and then punched Mark on the shoulder before returning to her room. She was done listening to her brother.  

Mark stood still for a long time thinking about Tina's shyness, as the coldness in his heart spread bit by bit.    

It didn't matter whether it was Jacob or even the star in the sky. If his sister wanted something, he would definitely grab it and give it to her. Even if he wasn't happy about it at all.    

In a few days, an important business banquet was to be held in Jingshi City. The so called banquet was indeed a spot for men to conduct business and at the same time, and it was also a place for women to contend their beauties.    

Even the upper circle could not avoid petty flamboyance and crassness.  

Tina had confirmed that Jacob would attend the banquet. Without even thinking she knew that the person to accompany him to the banquet would surely be the abominable, Emily.    

"Voila" ----- Tina opened her wardrobe, filled with gorgeous cocktail dresses from top to bottom. They were dazzling with extravagance.    

This time, she would not let that bumpkin steal her limelight.    

Thinking of what her brother had told her just then, Tina smiled wickedly. This time, she would not do anything in person, but she would see to it that Emily would have no chance to attend the banquet.  

Days passed quickly and rather peacefully in the Tyrone Mansion.    

With the help of Zola, Emily put on an exquisitely luxurious dress and stood in front of a huge mirror. 

Hesitating, she said," Jacob, I think I'd rather not go to this party with you... That event... and simple as I am, I don't think I would know what to do there..."    

Emily felt that she was simply not qualified for a party like that. Even If she did go, as she had done last time... What would she do? She didn't want to disgrace Jacob in front of the elite.    

"Who would dare to say that you are not qualified? If I say you are qualified, then you are qualified." 

Jacob raised his handsome eyebrows, and carefully observed Emily as she dressed. He had a smile of satisfaction on his face, and he said," Very beautiful, fully worthy of my handsomeness."

Very beautiful...    

Emily flushed, not fully understand why. Jacob noticed how her ruddy cheeks were like ripe apples, attracting him to kiss her.    

The next moment, he went for it. He kissed her right in the face.    

"What are you doing..." Emily was stunned for a while. She had not expected Jacob to do such a thing in front of the maid. Her face turned even redder," You...I need you go out first."  

Amused, Jacob said to her merrily," Okay, I will wait for you outside."    

Emily turned her face away from him. After Jacob left, she turned her face slowly to the mirror and looked at herself.    

For some reason, Jacob liked it when she wore white clothes, but it was also undeniable that white really suited her. The new snow-like color of the pure white princess dress made her look more beautiful and fair, which also, strangely enough, made her feel like she was wearing a wedding dress. 

'A wedding dress? What the hell am I thinking about?!' Emily was shocked by the thought.    

"Miss Emily, you haven't tried your shoes yet." Zola who was at the side, secretly rolled her eyes at Emily. The jealousy in her face was unspeakable.    

"Um." Emily came to her consciousness. She nodded and stepped barefooted on the soft carpet with her skirt on. Suddenly, a sharp pain came from her feet, and she cried out," Ah!"    

The next second, she fell straight to the ground.    

A passing touch of happiness flashed in Zola's eyes, but she quickly hid her expression, and put on a nervous and anxious face instead, as she said," Miss Emily, what's wrong, are you okay? "  

Well, does this woman deserve to be addressed as "Miss"? Does she think that, just because people call her Miss, she's some kind of a noble lady?

Boo, shameless! She doesn't deserve it!' thought Zola with envy and resentment.



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