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(Our child won't be dull like you)

All of a sudden, a terrible thought came over Emily's mind, as she started to look worried. "Jacob...Do you think that there is something wrong with my body? Our baby..."    

"Calm down. Do not scare yourself." Jacob took her in his arms again, rubbed her head and said with a smile," The reports show that our baby is very healthy."    

His deep and soft voice seemed to have the power of calming people down. Emily relaxed and was quiet for a while, then she asked suddenly," Jacob, now... Are we going to go steady?"  

"Do you want to go back?" Keeping a straight face, Jacob answered her question with another question.    

Emily thought carefully for a moment and then said in a serious tone," If you do not hit me again, I will give you my word."    

Emily couldn't understand that Jacob didn't have any malicious intentions behind spanking her. 

Spanking was an intimate behavior between people close to each other. Obviously it was an act of endearment, especially when a man did it to his girl...    

However, Emily was too dull to understand that. The only thing she could grasp was that Jacob enjoyed smacking her ass, which she found very shameful and disrespectful. 

 Jacob did not know whether to weep or laugh when Emily said that in a pathetic voice, so he simply said," Okay, I give you my word, just as long as you don't make mistakes."    

'It all depends on your mood, ' thought Emily with displeasure. Today she did not make mistakes at all, but Jacob still gave her a beating for no reason.    

"If you stop doing that, I might start to like you a little bit,"  Emily blurted out.    

Jacob, on the other hand, couldn't hold his excitement as his heart began to beat faster. With a smile on his face, Jacob lowered his head, closed his eyes and kissed her on the cheeks, and then he said possessively," That is not enough for me. I want more, I want all of your love."  

"Why did you kiss me again..." exclaimed Emily. However, before she could finish, Jacob kissed her on the lips and made her melt like a candle in his warm love.    


In the other room, Rita was lying in bed, resting. She was thinking about everything that had happened in the past few days.    

Rita knew that David was looking for her all over the city, and that she could not stay at Jacob's house forever... 

Emily seemed to be much luckier than her. At least Jacob had no mistresses and he always tried to keep Emily by his side.  

What about her unborn child...Rita had no idea what she should do.    

As expected, David came to Tyrone Mansion the next day, with the intentions of taking her back with him. Once again, peace was disrupted, as they broke out into a stormy quarrel.    

"Rita, there is no doctor in Jingshi City that has the courage to abort your baby!" David was so frustrated with Rita that he could hardly keep a cool head.  

Rita sneered without fear," There are other ways of getting rid of it."    

Shocked, David's pent-up anger seemed like it was going to explode any moment, as his eyes suddenly reddened like two balls of fire. 

David was of the impression that Rita did not care about the unborn child at all.    

"Don't make a scene at someone else's home. It is impolite and unbecoming." In truth, Rita just needed some time alone to let her thoughts settle down. It was not like she didn't want to see David because she was afraid of him. She just wanted to think about her future.    

David's jaw dropped to the floor, but he finally agreed with Rita. After all, they were in Jacob's house. 

Although Jacob was not there, it was unseemly to quarrel in his place.  

They left Tyrone Mansion together, one with a face like thunder, the other with a serene expression.    

In the evening, when Emily went back to Tyrone Mansion, she found that Rita was gone. Immediately, she called Rita's phone in a hurry, feeling anxious and worried.    

After a while, Rita finally answered the call. She answered in a calm but tired voice, as if she had just suffered a fierce battle," Emily, I am sorry. I left in such a hurry that I didn't have time to say good-bye to you. I'm fine now. Thank you for taking care of me."  

Relieved, Emily swallowed up what she wanted to ask Rita, but instead said," I'm just glad you're all right. If you need anything, just call me..."    

"Emily, thank you. After I'm done dealing with my problems, I will come to see you."    

Emily hung up the phone, still feeling a little worried about Rita.    

Looking at the anxious expression on Emily's face, Jacob could not help reassuring her," Rita is David's ex-wife, and she'll be fine with him. Besides, that is David's baby. Let him take care of Rita. It is none of our business."  

"Ex-wife?" Emily was shocked by this news. She couldn't believe that Rita was married to the young master of the Xu clan. 

"The baby..."    

Was the unborn child David's?    

"They can deal with it in their own way. What are you worried about?" 

Jacob said in a carefree tone. He was not worried about it at all because no one would disturb them anymore, now that Rita was gone. 

"Now that you have time, you should pay more attention to prenatal education. I do not want our child to be as dull as you,"  he teased her.    

Emily remained silent.  

It was impossible for them to continue talking!    

Emily still kept in touch with Rita regularly. She did not know whether she and David had reached an agreement or not. In any case, Rita decided to have the baby.    

As the days went on, the two young mothers often exchanged tips and experiences during their pregnancy.    
One afternoon, Emily left work early. According to Jacob's order, the driver of Gu clan drove Emily back to Tyrone Mansion as usual.    

On the way back, they passed a shopping mall. Emily suddenly felt like shopping, so she asked the driver to pull up to the side. She got out of the car and went into the mall.  

Emily wandered around and came to a shop that sold maternal and child supplies. 

The baby supplies were so small and adorable that she could not help looking at them again and again.    

The sales clerk there was very clever. She knew that only women who were pregnant or might become pregnant would come to their shop. In their delicate moment, they were so maternal that they would buy almost everything for their children.    

Thus, when she saw Emily looking at the baby articles on the shelf curiously and expectantly, she immediately walked up to Emily and asked enthusiastically," Ma'am, may I help you? The maternal and child supplies in our shop are the best in Jingshi City. Their materials are mild and natural, and they won't harm the baby and mother at all..."  

It was the first time she came to a shop that sold maternal and child supplies, so Emily was a little embarrassed and overwhelmed. "I... I'll just look around."    

The sales clerk's smile deepened," Ma'am, you are expecting a baby, right?"    

Emily nodded and whispered," Yes, I'm only a few months."  

She looked at Emily's slender waist, and got a bit envious. "In fact, I already have a child and I always use the supplies from our shop. As for the quality and safety of our supplies, you can set your mind at rest. Besides, it is better to buy early than late..."    

Convinced by her sales pitch, Emily had an impulse to buy something. Her eyes fell on a pair of small shoes and a set of clothes, as she could not help imagining her cute little baby, drinking milk in them...    

"We also just recently imported a new multi-functional baby carriage, which is the latest model of its design. There is only one unit in the entire Jingshi City..." 

Finally, Emily could not help but say,"Take it out and let me see it."



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