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Season 2

Episode 198

(I’m Not Treating You With Respect This Way)

Gu Jingze took a deep breath and inhaled her scent. He breathed heavily. He felt that no matter hohe breathed, it was no use. He only looked at the woman below and urgently wanted to rip her open.

Lin Che was already too confused.

She covered her face and looked at the man in front of her. She felt like she was going to die under his hands right then and there.

Lin Che panicked. Her little strength would normally not be enough to deal with him. If he didn’t give way to her all those times, she would never have gotten away.

Now, it was as if he had lost all sense of reasoning. His strength was surprising. All her resistance was buried under his body.

Lin Che really thought that she was getting tortured by him yet again.

When she remembered their first time, she didn’t feel this much pain in her heart.

This was clearly the creation of Mo Huiling. But how did she become the victim in the end?

It was so unfair!

“Gu Jingze, you… If you need to, why don’t you go look for Mo Huiling? Why are you venting it out on me?!” Lin Che burst out yelling. She thought that Gu Jingze wouldn’t be listening to her anyway. She thought that he had already become a man consumed by his desires and didn’t care about anything else.

However, Gu Jingze heard her voice and slowly opened his eyes.

When he looked up, his eyes were bloodshot and staring at her.

Despite it only being a brief moment, Lin Che’s pale body already had bruises all over. These were the marks left by him just now.

Such a delicate body becoming a mess all because of his violence.

Gu Jingze’s heart ached. He looked at Lin Che and then closed his eyes.

Feeling the impulse coursing through his body that almost consumed him, he closed his eyes and pushed Lin Che away.

“Get lost! Get out!” he yelled.

He pushed her aside. Gu Jingze had already jumped off the bed and was stumbling towards the bathroom.

Lin Che got up and watched Gu Jingze stumble in. She quickly followed after.

The door to the bathroom slammed shut.

The sound of water rushing came from inside.

Lin Che knocked on the door, “Gu Jingze? What’s wrong?”

Through the noise of the water inside, Gu Jingze yelled to the outside, “Get lost! I don’t need you to care about me. Leave!”

How could Lin Che leave? She leaned against the door and carefully listened to the sounds inside, “Gu Jingze, it’s alright. I’ll be right here. Please call me if you need anything.”

“Go! I told you to leave. Do you hear me?!”

Lin Che listened to Gu Jingze scold her and almost wanted to leave too.

But looking back, she still couldn’t bear to do so. She sat quietly on the floor and listened to the sounds inside.

The water ran for a long time. Lin Che was getting worried. She finally could not hold it any longer and quickly called the person inside, “Gu Jingze, wake up. Did you faint again? Are you okay? Open the door so that I can check on you.”

There was no sign of movement inside.

Lin Che stomped her foot impatiently. She raised her leg and thought about kicking the door open.

But before she could do that, the door opened loudly.

Inside, Gu Jingze was drenched. He didn’t take off his clothes and they stuck to his body, revealing his chiseled muscles. It was the first time that Lin Che saw his body when it was wet.

Meanwhile, his face had become even more morbid. He was frighteningly red.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze, “You… What’s wrong with you? Are you okay?”

Gu Jingze stared at Lin Che with scarlet eyes. They seemed to be on fire as they locked on her face.

Lin Che froze, but she was no longer feeling afraid. She only hurriedly approached him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Jingze brushed past Lin Che and briskly walked to the bedroom.

“Gu Jingze, don’t walk away. What’s wrong? Tell me.”

“Nothing is wrong. Please go. You need to leave and let me be alone here,” Gu Jingze answered quickly. He did not look at Lin Che anymore and kept walking into the room.

“No, Gu Jingze. Tell me now. What exactly is the matter with you?”

Gu Jingze suddenly turned around and gripped her new set of clothes. He held the collar and stared at her with bloodshot eyes, “If you don’t leave, I might not be able to resist. Don’t you regret it!”

Lin Che stared back at him with her big eyes, “Gu Jingze, you…”

Gu Jingze’s throat was moving. His temples, the tip of his nose and his throat… thin sweat slowly condensed into a droplet and rolled down his body.

He made his hot and dry lips slowly move, “I can’t control myself now. I can’t. Do you understand? If you don’t want me to hurt you, then you should get lost!”

Although he kept telling her to get lost, Lin Che now understood that he only said that because he was just afraid of hurting her.

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze, “It’s alright, Gu Jingze. If you can’t control yourself… I… I…”

She always felt that this was not something a girl should say.

Her face bent down and blushed.

But the rest of the words still came out of those lips gradually.

“I can help you.”

Gu Jingze was about to go crazy.

His body was just getting better but because of her words, he almost wanted to burst again.

Gu Jingze pushed her hand away and turned around. He bit his lip, “No, Lin Che. I caused this, so I will bear the consequences myself.”

Lin Che looked up at Gu Jingze. His face was firm, “What? Wasn’t this because you two were playing for some exciting temptation?”

“Temptation?” Gu Jingze frowned as he asked.

“Yeah. For the sexy time between you two…” Lin Che said.

“Of course not. Huiling is seriously…” as he thought about it, he clenched his fists tightly.

Although she already knew that it must have been like that, Lin Che could only stop thinking about it after finally hearing Gu Jingze say it himself.

But Mo Huiling was too strange. Why would she drug Gu Jingze out of the blue?

Gu Jingze closed his eyes and endured, but the changes in his body were already showing on the outside. It was showing right in front of Lin Che’s eyes.

Lin Che watched him pace on the floor restlessly. She began to worry even more.

Was this really okay?

What drug was it exactly? Why wasn’t it subsiding after so long?

Or did he really need to vent it in order to recover?

He was enduring so much that he was drenched in sweat. She thought that this was really not good.





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