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Season 2

Episode 188

(Perpetually Having A Bad Premonition)

Gu Jingze was aware of his thoughts too and thought that it was illogical.

Thus, he only looked at the two of them and exclaimed, “I’m not being jealous! It’s just that you should bring more people out with you. It’s too dangerous for just the two of you.”

Mu Wanqing laughed and said to Lin Che, “Alright, I won’t delay your lovers’ world anymore and hold you back any longer. Go keep Jingze company.”


Watching Mu Wanqing leave, Lin Che asked Gu Jingze, “What’s wrong?”

Gu Jingze said, “Mother hasn’t gone out to have fun for so many years. How come she ended up going out with you?”

“Hmm… Is it not good to bring Mom out?” Lin Che asked cautiously as she was worried that she might be in trouble.

Gu Jingze noticed that Lin Che asked really carefully so he quickly said, “I didn’t mean that. I just thought that it was strange that your relationship with her is suddenly so good.”

Lin Che heard this and immediately said, “Fine. I also think that it’s not very good to get too close to Mom. If we divorce in the future, Mom will definitely be angry. But Mom is really nice. I think everyone in your family is nice. I thought that it would be like those dramas where everyone was harsh. Take the Lin family for example. They actually only have just a bit of stinky money and they are so strict and proud with many deep-rooted ideas. I thought that it would be the same for your family but you are all so open-minded.”

Lin Che looked at Gu Jingze enviously, “Seriously. Your family is so nice but you three brothers are so disobedient. You guys don’t know how to treasure what’s in front of you.”

“…” Gu Jingze listened to her and realized that he had never thought about the pros and cons of his own family.

Actually, he knew that his own parents could be a little traditional in some areas. But for the most part, they were very open-minded. Perhaps it was also because they really liked Lin Che and treated her well, so it was like this.

“I know it’s not quite right to do this since we agreed to only pretend. I guess I got too emotionally invested in my role. Maybe it’s because I have never had a real family… so I subconsciously dived in too deep. I’m sorry, I’ll maintain a distance in the future.”

“Alright,” Gu Jingze heard her and his heart softened. “That’s not what I meant either. There’s nothing bad about accompanying your mother more. Alright. Let’s go.”

The weather got colder. Although Lin Che’s new TV series was still finalizing, they had already begun editing the first trailer to give everyone an early taste.

Unexpectedly after the first trailer, the heat kept rising. Many people felt that the film looked stunning and the drama should be good. They even picked out a solo performance of Lin Che. In the trailer, Lin Che’s character was in a criminal gang and it showed how she fought with wisdom and bravery. Finally, no one discovered her true identity and she managed to escape unharmed. Her acting was praised as the best out of the latest top newcomers.

Lin Che dared not to claim to be the best, but receiving everybody’s praise made her feel elated.

They were still filming for the series. Yu Minmin told Lin Che that the company had prepared a new workplace for her and arranged some new staff for her who would be specialized in handling her advocacy and planning.

Lin Che followed Yu Minmin to take a look at the place. On one of the floors of the company, they had a space cleared out just for Lin Che.

Lin Che said in surprise, “Why is this place so big?”

Yu Minmin replied, “Well, you’re the mistress of the Gu family. If they give you a place that is too small, that would be lowering the standards of what you actually deserve. I specifically applied for it. Now that you’re the company’s main celebrity and need more staff, you’ll definitely need a bigger space. This isn’t even as big as the Gu residence, right?”

“Idiot, that’s not the same. The Gu residence belongs to Gu Jingze, not me.”

“What’s his is yours. I’m only afraid that if Gu Jingze comes over one day and finds that your workplace is not as big as your bathroom, he might not let the company continue working because he doesn’t want to let you suffer. What would I do then?”


Yu Minmin looked at her and they both laughed.

She knew that Yu Minmin was just joking but Lin Che was still happy. It felt so different to be valued.

After that, Lin Che and Yu Minmin attended an event together. It was a sponsor’s brand reception and it was better for her to show some support.

When they arrived, the assistant came in and said, “Sister Che, I think I saw Qin Wanwan here too.”

Yu Minmin said at the side, “Qin Wanwan’s recent development has been pretty good. After her drama with Gu Jingyu was aired, the viewership remained constantly at number one. It is already being nominated for one of the year-end awards. There are high hopes for it.”

Lin Che nodded, “Her acting is indeed not bad and that show was quite nice when I watched it.”

Yu Minmin said, “Thankfully, your shows weren’t filmed at the same time. Yours would probably only be aired a year later. Otherwise, it would also be a blockbuster. Your show is not worse than theirs. If they really clashed, we will never know who would have the last laugh.”

Lin Che entered the place with Yu Minmin. At the reception, they saw Qin Wanwan coming over to greet them.

She smiled and said to Lin Che, “Your show is going to be aired soon, right?”

“Yes, soon,” Lin Che said politely.

Qin Wanwan said, “I saw that trailer and it was really not bad. The trend right now is to hype things up before the launch. It will definitely be huge in the future.”

“No way… We’ll only know if it really becomes huge. The trailer was just a compilation of the better parts.”

“I’m serious. You see, all the shows that you choose to act in are actually very good. This one is also good. The setting is accurate, and the directors and scripts are all great. It will definitely be at the top.”

“I’m counting on that,” Lin Che laughed and said. “I heard that you’ll likely win an award this year. If you do, you must treat me to a meal.”

Qin Wanwan smiled, “Okay, I’ll definitely treat you. It’s not certain yet if we’ll win the award. Anyway, everybody is so professional. The competition is stiff.”

“Rumor has it that everyone thinks you have the power. Alright, here’s a toast to you. Take it as an early congratulations.”

“Okay, I’m counting on that too. Oh right. There’s an event in the future that we should join together; it’s a TV interview. It’s just in time for your upcoming show and I’m still promoting mine. Going together only benefits both of us.”

“Hm, yes. I’ll discuss it with my agent.”

The reception soon ended and Lin Che told Yu Minmin about the event. Yu Minmin said, “This Qin Wanwan really knows how to sell herself. It’s good for you to work with her for promotions. The programs she chose all have good placings, but you should always be careful. Don’t get too close to her. After all, one who is unaccountably solicitous…”

Is hiding evil intentions.

Lin Che nodded her head in understanding.

After the reception, she had to return to the film set to film a night scene.

This was a drama with flying cars, so it was a little more dangerous.

Lin Che sat in the car as the director spoke to her at the side and told her to be careful.

Lin Che agreed and held onto the steering wheel. Perhaps it was because of the car accident last time but as she sat in the car, she felt uneasy.

She kept having a bad premonition…





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