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Season 2

Episode 180

(I’ll Rub Your Stomach For You)

When Lin Che went on WeChat, even Gu Jingyu had sent a message stating, “You handled your public relations pretty well. Looks like your team didn’t get infected by your low intelligence.”

Lin Che typed a message angrily in WeChat. “Go and die! Don’t call me stupid!”

However, the fact that a guru like Gu Jingyu approved Yu Minmin’s way of handling matters proved that Yu Minmin had really done nothing wrong.

From getting attacked to mocking herself, Lin Che experienced a turnaround on this Christmas day.

Gu Jingze only came home at night. As he saw that Lin Che seemed to have rested up pretty well, he then instructed the airport to prepare a plane and a route. He wanted her to get on a Gu family plane with him and return home together.

Yu Minmin followed her as well and experienced for herself what the Gu family’s private plane was like. While packing together with Lin Che, Yu Minmin had already said to Lin Che, “The Gu family has an air route set up specifically for themselves in C Nation. To other people, all of this is impossible. Thus, only the Gu family can make planes fly whenever they want.”

“For real?”

“Of course. Even if other people have a private plane, they still have to wait to be dispatched.”

“So impressive… ”

Yu Minmin said, “It’s all thanks to you that I’m now considered a person who has been on a private route too.”

Dumbstruck, Lin Che bumped against Yu Minmin. “You only know how to tease me!”

This manager of hers either publicly attacked her or simply teased her in private.

In no time, Gu Jingze came over. Yu Minmin tactfully went elsewhere and left the space to this husband-and-wife pair.

Gu Jingze brought Lin Che onto the plane. Very soon after, the plane took off and flew towards B City.

Gu Jingze said, “We still have to make a trip to the Gu residence when we return. Since the new year is almost here, there’s no reason for us not to spend New Year’s Eve with the family, right?”

“Oh, alright.”

Gu Jingze recalled that she had previously mentioned, in a fit of anger, the issue of payment if she had to go there again. Thus, he smiled and looked at Lin Che. “If you give a good performance there, I’ll send the reward to your account.”

Lin Che’s face immediately heated up when she heard this.

She had only said that because she had been angry at the time. To be honest, she was not really that much of a money-grubber.

However, seeing that Gu Jingze had already said this, she also refused to be outdone and said, “Do you still have to look at my performance? Then, if I don’t perform well, will I even get my pay deducted?”

“That’s obvious of course. It’s how market economics works. As a businessman, I can’t take up a losing proposition.”

Lin Che wiggled her nose at him.

Gu Jingze recalled how Lin Che had previously behaved. Now that he thought about is, could it be that all of her actions were due to jealousy?

When he thought this, he immediately understood what she had said.

However, as he remembered this once again right now, he was in a much more cheerful mood.

If he had known earlier that her jealousy was showing, he would not have been so anxious either.

Furthermore, he should even have specially made her stay here alone for longer to make her a little more obedient, lest he really spoil her too much in everyday life. Right now, she was almost about to ride on his head. Those two days really almost made him die out of anger.

Lin Che hummed and reclined in her seat. The two of them were alone in this compartment of the private plane and were sitting while facing each other. Seeing that Gu Jingze’s smile suddenly changed completely, Lin Che stared at him strangely. She wondered why his smile suddenly became so sinister.

However, a sudden wave of nausea in her stomach still jolted her back to her senses.

Seeing that she was rubbing her stomach with her hand, Gu Jingze retracted his smile, looked at her, and asked, “Why? Does your stomach still hurt?”

“It still hurts a little. It’s alright. It’s probably because I was really too nervous this time, so the pain feels so serious. Usually, it only hurts for a day.”

“Next time, take note of your own cycle!” Gu Jingze frowned and said, “You’re so nitwitted. You’re not even sure on which date your period comes.”

Lin Che stuck out her tongue at him.

However, after pondering for a bit, Gu Jingze walked directly to her. “Lie down properly. I’ll help you rub your stomach.”

“Ah… I don’t think there’s a need.” She still felt embarrassed about having him rub her stomach.

“That’s enough. What ugly side of you have I not seen? But now, you’re getting shy?”

“… ” Lin Che continued to purse her lips. However, upon thinking about it, she figured he was right too, so she still obediently lay down.

Gu Jingze pulled her head onto his thigh directly and made her lie there obediently. Thereafter, he placed his large hand on her stomach and began to rub it with some pressure to relieve her pain.

Gu Jingze’s body temperature had always been higher than hers. The temperature of his palm was just nice. Lin Che momentarily felt extremely comfortable, but she was still slightly mindful of the fact that she was lying here like this.

She was currently lying on his thigh.

She raised her head to look at Gu Jingze as she thought about how she was sort of enjoying the great President Gu’s service. If other people found out about this, she reckoned that their jaws would probably be dropping right now…

In no time, the two of them finally touched down in B City.

After Gu Jingze returned, he first went to visit Mo Huiling. Mo Huiling had already been transferred from the hospital to the sanatorium. She was prepared to rest there for a while before returning home.

Lin Che knew that Gu Jingze went to visit her but did not really feel anything either.

Although she was not very comfortable with it in her heart, Mo Huiling had just returned from the jaws of death. Thus, it was understandable for Gu Jingze to visit her.

She was aware that she was trying to convince herself, but there was nothing else she could do even if she did not feel too comfortable.

Soon after Christmas, the day of New Year’s Eve arrived. The day before New Year’s Day, Gu Jingze brought Lin Che along with him and they returned to the Gu residence together.

The weather had become cold and both of them were dressed in many layers. However, when they reached the house, Mu Wanqing still said to Lin Che, “You’re really wearing too few layers of clothing. Quick, quick, go inside and bring an overcoat for Young Madam.”

Lin Che was bundled up the moment she stepped into the house. She turned around and saw that the President’s personal bodyguards were outside. Thus, she knew that Gu Jingming had actually returned to celebrate New Year’s Eve as well.

Gu Jingming looked at Lin Che and even specially came over to greet her. However, after looking around for a long time, Lin Che did not see Gu Jingyu. Thus, she pulled Gu Jingze to her and asked, “Why isn’t Gu Jingyu coming back even on New Year’s Eve?”

Gu Jingze said, “Jingyu has never returned ever since he got into some trouble with the family. Don’t count on seeing him here today.”

“Who says that I want to see him here? I just find it strange. You’re all clearly brothers, but why doesn’t he come home?” Lin Che asked in a perplexed tone, “What was the reason for the trouble between him and the family?”

Gu Jingze said, “It’s nothing huge either. But because Jingyu has always been the youngest of the family, he got extremely spoiled too and he’s the most rebellious.”

“Is that so? I also feel that he actually quite likes to defy conventions.”

“Hey, isn’t it concerning for you to always be thinking about another man in front of your husband?”

“… ” Lin Che wanted to say that Gu Jingyu could not be considered another man.

However, seeing that Gu Jingze was glaring at her, she could only stick her tongue out and stop talking.

Then, Gu Jingming walked in together with someone and so the two of them did not converse again.

Gu Jingming said, “This is Xiao Xiao. Xiao Xiao, this is Lin Che. I’ve mentioned her to you.”

Lin Che was still slightly confused as she looked at this young lady.

Gu Jingze said to her in a low voice, “The family set Big Brother up on a blind date with a suitable woman. She’s the daughter of an assemblyman.”

Instantly, Lin Che understood.

Even the President had to be forced into marriage?





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