Thursday, 26 March 2020


💕 Mr Playboy 💕

💋 Episode 40💋

Unknown POV

"Is everything ready ?" I asked my most trusted assistant.

" Good I want a clean job and you mustn't leave any clues behind , I know he's inside sleeping before he can alarmed by the system he would have been dead by then " I said to them and gulp down a bottle of whiskey.

" Roger that boss" they chorus and walked away.

Mr Jason knight , I will make you pay for all the atrocities committed by you and your family.

You must feel the pain I felt when you took my sister away from me.
He killed my only sister In cold blood.

I won't rest till have destroyed him and and all the things he loves .

The rich can only oppress the weak but refused to be oppressed because am not weak.

I gulp down another bottle before standing up and walking upstairs .

Was feeling Tipsy and so much in the mood for sex , luckily I have just the right person in my room.

I found laying on the bed with just her bra and pant. I jumped on her sluggishly and ripped off her pants , she gasps as I did that.

I did the same thing to her bra and took one of her full  cupped b**B's into my mouth.

Sucking and smooching at the same time .
I sneaked my fingers to her V and Inserted it into  her.

I started with two fingers but later changed to three fingers as her crazy moan filled the whole place.

She helped me removed my clothes as  I toss it on the floor .

"Ride me b"**tch" I groaned and lay down on my back.

She stood up and sat on my d"**k riding me like the cow girl she's.

Dammn she was so good , I kept spanking her big butts and squeezing it with my hands too.

Had sex till I reached climax I pulled outta her and went to the bathroom.

My boys must have accomplished their mission by now.

I can't wait to hear the news of his demise.




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