Thursday, 26 March 2020


💕 Mr Playboy 💕

💋 Episode 39💋

Jason POV

I dragged Down the towel to her waist as my eyes feast on her cleavage.
Dammn she has round cute tits with pointed n*pples.

I kissed her slightly before rolling over as I left her dumbfounded.

"Good night princess" I mumbled.

I know she must be thinking I wanna have my way with her , believe me I do but there's something that keeps drawing me away.

God what is this girl doing to me ? Haven't felt this way around any lady before . Whatever this feeling is definitely new to me.

I pretended like I was in a deep sleep to know what she's going to do.

" Ahh how could you be so stupid to think he's going to make love to you " she whined talking to herself.

I almost burst into laughter. I mean how can someone be talking to themselves who does that?.

"It's not as if he's even romantic , someone as grumpy and mean as he's cannot be romantic but I must say he looks cute in his sleep with his lips parted slightly" she whispered.

So she's calling me a grumpy?? Jane am gonna teach you a lesson soon you just watch .

" Why are you so cute and grumpy huh ? Do you know how you hurting someone out there? " She mumbled like she was talking to someone.

The next thing I felt something wet and soft on my lips her glossy lips were on mine for some seconds before she pulled away.

"Good night Mr grumpy I hope you see me in your dreams" she said and curled up in the bed.

Dream about who huh??

So she can be haunting me with Cutlass everyday huh ?? She must be joking.

I opened my eyes and glance at her sleeping figure.

Her back was facing me with those big sexy ass of hers.

Haven't spent a night in a room with a lady before because every night I get horrible nightmares about Lauren.

I sneaked my arm around her waist and pulled her close with her back hitting my chest slightly.

I kissed her hair from behind before turning on the lights and going to bed..

I closed my eyes as sleep overtook me immediately.
Hopefully my nightmare might go away.



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