Wednesday, 25 March 2020


💕 Mr Playboy 💕

💋 Episode 38💋

Jane POV

I just have to say that in order to stop him from pestering me over this baby baby issue.

Am not really to get pregnant and have babies not even with this mean grumpy boss of mine.

I would pay a million dollars to see the look on his face .
So he was actually jealous  ..

Mr Jason is jealous who would believe this ??

I giggled inwardly , he came outta the shower with water droplets off his body .

Dammn he looks so freaky hot I feel like devouring him right now .

",Don't drool too much you might get into trouble with your boyfriend " he said with an eye roll.

That was when I knew I was seriously drooling .
Snap outta it Jane , he's taken .

"Huh ?? What are you talking about ? Tsh am not drooling am just looking at the wall behind you " I lied

" Stop lying miss ", he said and walked towards a door that was when I remembered there's a closet in the room and am stuck in this stupid short towel.

I took my bath first so I should be the one to change first .

I ran to towards the door before he could get there and blocked it with my hands .

"What is it again Jane ? Or you ready to make babies " he said dryly .

",What the heck no !!! I wanna change my clothes first before you can enter " I nagged in a serious tone.

" Seriously I don't have time for another drama queen like you leave the way let me go in or will be forced to carry you " he groaned.

" Am. Not scared of you sir " I said with do much confidence .

To my surprise he lifted me off the ground and placed me on his shoulder.

"Put me down Mr knight " I yelled punching his back as I shook my legs in the air .

", No I won't until you shut your trap hole  " he said calmly and took me to the bed.

He placed me on the bed with him on top.

"Let me go Mr grumpy you not even romantic " she hissed .

" Oh yeah ?? Let me show you how romantic I can be " he said in a seductive tune  and used his teeth and drag Down my towel .



  1. Seriously this short episodes is annoying guess I have to stop reading

  2. Bravo Author....But your episode is too short wen u know that u post 2 short episode once a not good oh

  3. Interesting but it's too short

  4. Omg seriously cant believe it

  5. Wow, pls show her you can be romantic Mr Gruppy☺

  6. This stories are so interesting but awfully short.

  7. This story is so interesting , but very short , posting two episode a day is not good please improve by posting more than five episode

  8. LoL I can't wait for next episode



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