Wednesday, 25 March 2020


💕 Mr Playboy 💕

💋Episode 37💋

Jason POV

This girl is gonna be reason for my destruction soon.

I grabbed hold of her ass as I squeezed em tenderly.
She quickly broke this and move away.

"What are you doing sir?" She asked like a naive kid.

"What else if not trying to make babies" I replied with a raised eyebrow.

" But am not your girlfriend and not your wife " she said with a straight face.

Like seriously haven't seen anyone as dumb as this one standing in front of me.

"It doesn't matter miss we have to make babies for mom or she's gonna kill me " I tried to reason.

" No don't come close or I will scream out loud" she said foolishly.

Forgetting the fact that the whole place is sound proof.

"Yeah sure go ahead and scream but sweetie don't forget no one can hear you" I scoff and moved closer to her but she moved back.

" Am warning you Mr knight stay away from me " she said as she tried to run away .

I pursue her around the place as she was screaming  a granny that lost her tooth.

"Leave me alone Mr grumpy" she yelled.

Did she just called me Mr grumpy ??

Ohh she's so dead today.

"Come back here you silly girl  am gonna spank your ass !! " I shouted after  her.

She jumped on the bed and I did too , we kept running in circles till she got tired and gave up.

"Am sorry sir you not  grumpy okay ?" She pleaded.

"Apology not accepted you will have to kiss me first then we make babies" I winked at her.

" No sir I can't make babies for now but I can kiss you on the lips I have a boyfriend won't wanna cheat on him " she said with smirk.

.why does it hurt hearing it from her??

Is she trying to say her boyfriend is better than me ??
.gosh shut up Jay what are you saying, I mentally slapped myself.

",I also have a girlfriend and won't wanna cheat on her. Was just making silly jokes with you " I lied and walked away angrily .

I entered the bathroom and slammed the door pretty hard.

Why am I even feeling jealous she's not even my type. 

I pulled off my clothes and toss it across the bathroom floor as I reminisce about what she said.

But how come I haven't seen her with any guy ?

So she actually had a boyfriend and yet be claiming virgin Mary .

Wait ? Why am I even bothered by all of this.



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