Friday, 20 March 2020


💕 Mr Playboy 💕

💋 Episode 27💋

Jane POV

I got dressed up in the blue dress that has real tiny diamonds all around the neckline, it has a open  black side making me look like a queen,

I picked up a black stilettos and black clutch,. I further packed my hair up in a princess Darth .

There was no need of applying make over , am not a lover of facials , I just hope where we going won't  like the last time.

I looked at my self in the mirror making sure I was good to go before walking to the door. I opened it only to meet sir knight standing in front of it about to knock.

He dropped his hand immediately, he had a smirk on , he started moving closer gently while I moved back into the room .

Dammn he was smoking hot and captivating too , I just wish he was mine . 
I kept moving back till I stopped by the mirror.

He bent like he was going to kiss , I closed my eyes waiting for this kiss only for him to  remove the pin holding my hair up letting it fall freely on my shoulder.
He 😘 kissed my cheek as he sent goosebumps all over me .

"You look beautiful princess " he whispered into my ear and bit my ear lobe.

"T. Hank you" I shuttered

"Will be going to my parents house hope you know how to act ? Because you gonna pose as my fiancee" he said with a smirk and 😘 kissed me on the cheek again.

"Hmm okay " I said with my head bend low.
Deep down I really wish it was actually true.

"Put yourself together and stop being a naughty princess let's go" he said as he left me alone and walked out.

I let out a breath I never knew I was holding before trailing behind me.

I walked hastily towards the entrance supprisingly he was already inside the car waiting for me while Donald stood there with a smile curved on his lips..

"Mi lady!!" He said and opened the door for me , I muttered a thank you before entering .

Sir knight didn't bother looking at me as he focused on his phone ,.

All through the ride to his parents house he didn't utter a single word , we were in total silence , and I wasn't comfortable with it.



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