Saturday, 21 March 2020


Melting My CEO`s Heart

Season 2

Episode 111


"Why do you think this conference is called? Could there be more juicy news about Happle? Something we can actually print this time without being afraid of being sued?"

As the reporter sitting in the front seat in the conference room of the hotel asked this question to the one beside him, a hush fell over the room as someone had just entered and was making their way up to the podium.

In a whisper, the person he had spoken to answered.

"I dunno, but because it's been suddenly called for, it might be a statement regarding that news about the CEO's golddigger fling. If they deny it, it means we can actually write about it! So let's hope they do."

Nodding, both reporters fell silent as the woman reached the podium and stood in front of everyone.

None of them recognized her, so they were puzzled as to who she was.

"I am Ellen Esposito, official staff member of the delegation that was appointed to help the CEO during his stay in Seattle. I called for this press conference because I would like to make something clear regarding accusations that have recently been leveled against the CEO of Happle, Inc and his personal assistant."

As these words echoed in the room, the reporters started whispering among themselves, wondering what this woman had to do with this entire scandal.

However, her next sentence shut them up and made them sit up straight.

"I was the one who clicked those pictures and advised the magazine to break the news in that way. This was because… I was jealous. The truth is that the CEO was the one who asked his PA out on a date, and I have personally seen her deny it. I can only assume that she agreed later on. All allegations about her being a golddigger are false, and I would hereby like to give my resignation to the company because I acted in a way that was unfitting of my post. I formally apologize to Ms. Elizabeth Redmaine, and I urge all institutions who have printed this news about her to do the same. I have also been informed to announce that notices will be sent out to each and every institution that printed this news, thereby slandering Ms. Elizabeth, who holds a high post in a premier company. Thank you."

Almost breaking down with the last sentence, the woman who had just signed the end of her own career quickly walked out, leaving everyone dumbstruck.

They had had no time to ask any questions, so they were left wondering what the heck was going on.

Only, as those who took everything with a pinch of salt, many reached the conclusion that this might also have been another plot of the golddigger, who made the CEO show interest in her, or maybe that she put this 'Ellen' up to this so that she could clear her name.

Almost none of them could believe that the CEO could actually show interest in a woman with no background and pursue her.

After all, when someone was labelled something, it was difficult to get out of that way in which people viewed them.

Liz, who was standing in the corner of the room with her face hidden, watched this and felt frustrated.

Part of her revenge had already been obtained, but she couldn't think of a way to get rid of this label on her.

It was like the cat was already out of the box, and no amount of statements from anyone would change that.

After all, it was true that she was someone who had no background and who was being courted by someone who was sought after by almost all bachelor woman in New York and the world.

This screamed 'golddigger' to anyone who heard about it, and no matter how much she thought, she couldn't figure out a way to make this disappear.

Of course, she despised Ellen even more, but knowing what lay in store for her next, she calmed down.

She was just about to give a disappointed sigh and walk out with a resolution to think hard on it, but she paused when she saw someone entering the room.

The reporters had already started to walk out of the room, but when they saw the person in question – the CEO, himself, walk inside, they quickly took their seats and started hurling questions at him.

"Mr. William, can we get an official statement? What is all this? Was that woman forced to admit her fault?"

"Sir, how did you feel when that woman was called a golddigger? Did you have to ask that question to yourself?"

"Can we ask what you saw in her for you to ask her out on a date?"

Liz's cheeks burned on hearing such questions, as she possibly couldn't get used to people probing into her private life.

She felt the same thing as she had when she had first heard about this thing from her mother: overwhelming anger.

However, when she saw the CEO walk up to the podium and raise a hand to stop all questions, she calmed down slightly due to his determined expression.

As he opened his mouth and started speaking, each word made her take steps back with shock, making her wonder whether he was really doing what he was doing.

"As my staff member has just announced, Ms. Elizabeth Redmaine was courted by me. I don't mind stating on the record that she actually denied my advanced for quite a while, before finally agreeing. She is the best personal assistant that I have ever had, and it was because I was thoroughly impressed by her skills that I got the idea to get involved in her personal life in the first place. She is not a golddigger in any way. In fact, I could be called one because I am the one digging for someone as complex, intelligent and driven as her. I don't know where the relationship will go, but I think both of us can agree when I say that it is none of your damn business. If you dare to slander either of us, there will be consequences. Have a good day."

As the reporters tried hard to note down what was definitely something that would be talked about for a long time, Liz felt her phone vibrating in the pocket.

She couldn't believe that someone of the CEO's stature had actually stepped in front of the media to defend her honor, and she didn't know what to feel.

However, when she actually picked up her phone and heard Mary speak, worry drove everything out of her mind and made her run outside to talk more.

"What do you mean Luke got into a fight with reporters and is now in the hospital?", she asked after reaching outside, hoping that she had heard wrong.

After understanding that she hadn't, she grit her teeth with rage.

If that Ellen thought she was done, then she was very mistaken.

It was time to make her pay.




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