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Melting My CEO`s Heart

Season 2

Episode 113

(At the hospital)

Walking into the hospital, Liz looked around before finding Mary and Derek who were sitting in the waiting area.

Seeing his sister after so long, Derek got tears in his eyes and ran to her.

Bending down, Liz took him into her arms and hugged him tightly, letting him cry it out.

She had heard from Mary about the reporters who had harassed the little kid with questions, and although she had been furious, all she could do was ensure that their magazine/newspaper was sent such a strong notice that they wouldn't dare to do anything similar again.

Kissing him on the cheek, she looked into the little kid's eyes and said, "Sis is here, my little munchkin."

Nodding, Derek quickly stopped crying after hugging her again for a few more seconds.

Liz felt as if her heart was tearing apart, and she cursed that Ellen again in her mind.

Now, she regretted not destroying her life completely.

Derek was the most important person in her life, but because of that woman, he was now crying, and her best friend was also in the hospital.

She had considered it, but Liz was not someone utterly ruthless unless it was justified.

Everyone deserved a second chance. It was only with the help of those who believed the same had she reached her present position in life, so Liz valued this saying.

Still, it didn't stop her from calling that woman so many names which would have given her mother a heart attack.

Patting his back, she waited until the kid calmed down before setting him on the ground and asked, "Now, where's Luke?"

Her voice had a certain tone to it, which made Derek understand that Luke was going to get scolded pretty hard.

"Sis, he didn't do anything wrong!", he said, defending the man.

Her face softening, Liz replied, "Ok, I hear you. I promise I won't be too rough. Let's go."

Nodding, he started to lead the way, while Mary smiled at Liz.

Because this wasn't the time or place to get into a discussion regarding this whole incident, Liz only smiled back and followed Derek.

After entering the general ward in which there were many beds separated by curtains, Derek walked to a certain bed while holding Liz by her hand.

However, when he opened the curtain with his cute, small hands, shock came on his face as he saw that there was someone else there.

Raising a finger at the person on the bed adorably, he said in a high-pitched voice, "Hey! This is Luke's bed! You can't steal it!"

As he successfully attracted the attention of the whole ward, the person on the bed chuckled and said, "Kiddo, your friend's nurse told me to tell you that he was moved up, to a private room. I didn't steal nuthin! I think it was room…282. Well, what are you waiting for? Get going!"

After looking at the man suspiciously for a few seconds, Derek said, "I remembered your face! If you're lying, you'll have it! My big sis's boss is very important, you know!" before turning around to Liz who was trying hard to control her face.

Seeing his mock seriousness, Liz had gotten the urge to laugh, making her relax from the tension she had been feeling since landing in Seattle.

If he had been stable enough to be moved, then there must be nothing too wrong with him.

As the man on the bed guffawed, Liz said, "Let's go," and led Derek to the lift nearby which led up to the private rooms.

As they approached Room 282, Liz and Derek could hear shouting from inside.

"I was drugged! You had no right to move me without my permission! Move me back to the General Ward!"

"Sir, as I've already explained, your status has been upgraded to the highest level. My supervisor would fire me if he found out that someone like that was kept in the general ward. Please understand. If you really wish to move back, then contact whoever it was that upgraded you and request for a downgrade. Till then, please enjoy the best services we have on offer. Thank you."

Leaving these words, a nurse stormed out of the room with an annoyed expression on her face.

"What kind of dumbass doesn't like to be treated like a VIP-Oh, hello, Miss. How may I help you?"

The nurse was mumbling the first part under her breath before looking up to see Liz and Derek, to whom she spoke in a courteous manner.

Because she was close to her, Liz had heard that mumble too.

"Oh, I'm fine. I'm just here to meet that dumbass you were just talking to."

With panic appearing on her face, the nurse said, "I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have called the patient names-"

Waving her hand, Liz interrupted the nurse and said loudly, "Oh, it's fine. Believe me, he IS a dumbass. After all, only a dumbass gets into fights and then gets sued for it, even after getting beaten up. Have a nice day!"

As the nurse oddly nodded and left, Liz and Derek walked into the room where Luke was lying on the bed with a frown on his face.

Clearly, just as she had intended, he had heard her words.

He had an IV hooked up to his arm, and there were multiple bruises on his face. His knuckles were also a very angry red, and they had some ointment applied on them.

As for the room, it was clearly meant for VIPs. It was large, with a big TV on one side and a private bathroom on the other. It was even decorated with a few paintings, with the window letting in light.

As Liz closed the door behind her, she took out a pair of headphones and put them in Derek's ears.

After connecting it to her phone, putting on Derek's favorite cartoon and switching on the noise canceling feature, she sat him down on the chair to the side before turning to Luke with anger on her face and shouting, "YOU IDIOT! SO WHAT IF THEY WERE CALLING ME NAMES? YOU DON'T GET INTO A FIGHT WITH 10 REPORTERS TO DEFEND MY HONOR! I CAN DO IT MYSELF! IF IT WEREN'T FOR MR. WILL, YOU WOULD HAVE HAD TO SELL YOUR DINER TO PAY THE LEGAL FEES! I THOUGHT I COULD TRUST YOU TO KEEP A COOL HEAD! WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. YOU?!"




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