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Melting My CEO`s Heart

Season 2

Episode 120

(Another surprise visit)

Luke was under observation for a night after the surgery, so the Redmaine family spent time with him until the visiting hours were over before going back home.

Keren had left saying that she had some work, and no matter how much Liz asked Luke what she had said to him, he didn't answer.

This made Liz feel quite frustrated, but she controlled herself as she didn't want to make a scene in the hospital.

Of course, inside her head, she started to make a plan to make Luke cough up the details as soon as he was discharged.

After they reached home, Liz was startled when she saw a car waiting in the driveway.

She recognized it as the sedan they had used to dispose of the reporters, so she knew that it was probably the CEO inside.

Today, it seemed that not one, but two Bradshaw's had shown up at her house to surprise her.

They had already grabbed dinner on the way home, so Liz told Mary and Derek to go inside before opening the door of the black Mercedes and entering.

Of course, inside was Will, who had been so preoccupied with biting his lip in slight frustration that he hadn't even noticed that Liz and the rest had arrived.

Thus, when the door opened, he looked up with surprise and smiled unwittingly when he saw Liz's face framed in the moonlight.

Once again, he marveled at her natural beauty that did not need to be emphasized by makeup in any way. She was wearing jeans and a t-shirt, but she still looked gorgeous.

Of course, there was no way that he would say this out loud.

As she entered the car with a smile on her face, she asked, "What brings you here, Mr. Will?"

Hearing this question, Will drew a blank.

The fact was that he had been in a frustrated mood ever since the meeting in the morning with his mother.

The main frustration came from her mention of his father, as he knew that things would become very messy if he entered the fray.

Hence, he had been thinking about what to do, when he realized that he missed Liz.

So, without thinking about it much, he had chosen the sedan which wasn't registered to him or the company so that no one would be able to trace him.

Deciding to drive by himself to clear his head, he reached Liz's house before once again starting to wonder about what he was going to do.

It was only now that he realized how inappropriate it was.

They had only had one date, and he had the gall to show up to her house in the night?

As he just stared at her while thinking about what to say while also hoping that she wouldn't take his visit in the wrong way, Liz chuckled, finding his expression adorable.

This chuckle made him snap out of his bewilderment and say, "Oh, nothing. I just…wanted to find out how Luke was doing."

"Oh? Then why didn't you call?"


As an awkward silence appeared, Liz laughed out loud and said, "It's ok, Mr. Will. Did you come to ask me out on another date?"

Liz, on the other hand, had been quite happy to see the CEO.

She had automatically assumed that this was the reason behind him coming, and that he must be feeling hesitant to ask.

So, she decided to help him.

Of course, she couldn't know that she had inadvertently helped out the CEO by doing so.

"Yes! A date! Shall we go on a drive?"

Like a falling man finding a vine to hold on to, Will grasped the chance and asked her this question before quickly forming a plan for a date in his mind.

The surgery had gone well, and Luke was fine, so Liz was in a good mood.

Hence, she just nodded, wondering what the CEO had planned this time.

She didn't know whether she could handle it if all their dates were as over-the-top as their first one, so she actually hoped that it was something simple.

To her surprise, it was exactly that.

The duo first went on a long drive to the outskirts of the city, enjoying the scenery and the quiet night while talking about miscellaneous things.

Their conversation was still mostly about trivial things, but they felt themselves slowly getting closer.

After the drive, to Liz's surprise, they were delivered food while still in the car by someone wearing a guard's uniform.

With the parcel, they drove to an old fashioned movie drive-in where the latest action flick was playing.

The food was once again gourmet.

Yet, Liz felt thankful that it wasn't something too weird.

Although she was starting to get a little sick of always having this kind of food with limited portions, she decided not to complain, as she thought that she might hurt the CEO's feelings.

The only consolation was that there were a ton of desserts, which she gobbled down happily.

Both of them didn't show much interest in the movie, so after they were done eating, the CEO drove her back home.

After they reached, Liz turned to the CEO and said, "I had a wonderful time. And I'm actually glad that we didn't go on another over-the-top date like, I don't know, skydiving. Those are great, but only in moderation. Thank you."

Hearing this, Will scratched his head with guilt.

If it were up to him, maybe he would have planned something like that.

However, this had been an impromptu date, so he had constantly been worrying whether he was doing enough.

Now, realizing that it had all worked out, he felt slightly guilty, but also quite happy.

So, he said, "I'm glad. I had a great time, too. You can come in late tomorrow after making sure that Luke is fine. Good night."

In response, Liz smiled wide at the thoughtfulness before getting off and waving at him.

As she saw the car drive away on the road, she suddenly got a question in her mind that puzzled her.

Why had the CEO seemed relieved when she said that she was glad that they had a simple date?

Thinking about it, she went back inside but fell asleep instantly, as it was already quite late in the night.





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