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Melting My CEO`s Heart

Season 2

Episode 118


"And here I thought you liked me. Liz, I won't eat you. I was in town and I just thought I would surprise you!"

Hearing this from the other side of the door, Liz panicked and put her hands in her hair before realizing that she had just banged the door on the face of her boss's sister.

It was just that…it had been too sudden!

Quickly opening the door, she peeked outside and smiled apologetically before saying, "I'm sorry, I…just woke up."

With a cheery grin on her face, Keren said, "That's all right! Here!"

As Liz saw Keren shove the toothbrush that had fallen down through the gap in the door, the embarrassment made her blush and want to shut the door again.

Instead, she almost snatched it in one motion and ran to the bathroom after saying, "Please make yourself at home!"

While Liz busied herself in the bathroom with making herself presentable, Keren smiled to herself and walked inside idly before exploring Liz's room.

With a keen eye, she stored everything she saw into her memory, including the dreamcatcher made of tin cans that Luke had made for Liz.

Liz wasn't the cleanest of people, so there were clothes strewn in a lot of places.

Of course, being in shock, she had forgotten about this before letting Keren inside.

Finding the items of clothing interesting, Keren was just about to walk towards a frilly piece of underwear that was lying on a chair to the side when she heard the bathroom door open.

In an instant, Liz saw where Keren was headed and dashed like an Olympic runner towards the chair. Picking up the piece of clothing, she stuffed it in her pocket and blushed again fiercely, saying, "Sorry about the mess! I just got back yesterday, and I didn't have time to clean up."

With a chuckle, Keren walked close to Liz, who moved back inch by inch until she was practically lying against the wall.

Although she really liked Keren and appreciated her action of telling her about the CEO moving forward their trip to make her skip her picnic, Liz was still uncomfortable with someone who did not seem to have a sense of boundaries.

So, when Keren bent close, Liz actually tensed up, wondering what the hell this woman was doing.

However, when a whisper floated into her ears, Liz's face lit up like a tomato.

"Good taste. My brother likes frills."

Leaving this sentence, Keren tried hard to control her laughter at seeing Liz's reaction before walking out of the room, knowing that she shouldn't take it too far.

She loved Liz!

Only, teasing her was so much fun, that Keren couldn't get enough of it.

This line of thought led her to remember what had happened in the morning, so her laughter was replaced by a grimace.

"I'll be waiting downstairs!"

Saying so when she was outside the room, Keren made her way to the kitchen.

Meanwhile, Liz was fighting with the many questions in her mind.

Will like frilly underwear? Should she get more of them?

'Ooh, strong woman my frilly ass.'

'There's nothing wrong with buying something he likes!'

'Huh. So you're gonna do it soon?'


In response, there was only laughter from her inner voice.

Of course, this question was followed by one that was more normal: How the hell did Keren know about her brother's preference in underwear?

Storing this question in the back of her mind and resolving to find the answer one day if Keren hadn't been joking just now(she didn't put it past the woman), Liz went to the bathroom to bath and get dressed.

By the time she exited the door to her room, she heard sounds of Derek shouting with excitement coming from downstairs.

Quickly going down, she realized that it was because Keren was expertly controlling the drone that had been 'gifted' by Will and she was also teaching the little kid how to do it.

"So, you wanna go up or down, just remember- a touch is enough. Curving is different though-you do it like this…"

"WOW! It can do so much!"

"Yup. This is the costliest drone on the market, and one that you can't buy even if you have the money! Ok, your sister's here, so let's go meet this Luke I've heard so much about!"

"SIS! She's so cool!"

Seeing Liz walk down the stairs with concealed shock on her face, Derek looked up and shouted these words.

It seemed that the Bradshaw family had a natural talent of wooing people, as was evident from the way that Keren had impressed Derek in such a short span of time.

But the reason behind Liz's shock was that: Keren was coming to the hospital to meet Luke? The woman had invited herself?

Well…what could Liz do?

It was hardly an option to rudely tell her not to come, so Liz just accepted it with no other option and smiled cheerfully, unwilling to bring down the mood in the house.

Of course, that smile dampened when she saw Keren's knowing look and realized that she was remembering what had just happened above.

"Ok, guys, let's go! We're late! Come on!"

Seeing Mary come out of her bedroom, Liz clapped her hands and hustled everyone outside before there could be more talking.

On the way, Keren kept talking to Derek to keep him occupied, and Liz watched as she became more and more likable in the little kid's eyes.

She just had this…charisma to her, that made it hard for this to not happen.

Finally, when they got to the hospital and made their way up to Luke's room, Keren said something surprising.

"You guys go in first and talk to him. Surgery is scary, but the best doctors will be working on him. I can meet him later too, there's no hurry."

Liz hadn't expected this, but she welcomed it and nodded.

All three of them made their way into the room, and as they began talking to Luke, they didn't notice that Keren was studying Luke's face through the window near the door with an unreadable expression on her face.





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