Monday, 23 March 2020


Melting My CEO`s Heart

Season 2

Episode 115


In a black, numberless sedan, Will and Liz drove up to a bar a few kilometers away and stopped.

"They are inside, Sir," said Rao, pointing at the bar.

Indeed, through the window, Liz could see 10 people raucously drinking and having fun.

They had dared to beat up their friend, and now, they were enjoying themselves?!

Seeing Liz glaring at them, Rao said, "They must be drinking to celebrate the payout they are expecting from your friend. News that he is being represented by Mr. Will's lawyers must not have gotten to them yet."

Liz nodded, but she couldn't stop glaring.

The CEO had said surprise visit, but Liz hadn't known what to expect.

The drive had been silent, as her mind had still been on Luke who might have to go to through surgery to get back to normal.

"Miss. Liz, it's your call. Whatever you want, will be done. Let me tell you something that I kept hidden from you before, in the interest of secrecy. Mr. Rao here just isn't a chauffeur. He's an ex-marine and ex-CIA, but he wanted to lead a normal life where his skills would still be needed, but not to too much of an extent. Back when the Sylvex family was trying to take over Happle, they posted some spies on you, whom Rao kept a track of. Of course, with the downfall of their family, the spies disappeared, too. All in all, whatever you want done will be done, so just think on it and decide."

Hearing this, Liz couldn't help but stare at the gentle chauffeur in shock.

This jovial man actually had such an impressive background?!

And…people had been spying on her?

This one, though, wasn't very surprising given the fact that Jenny had also been a spy placed in the company. After all, it only made sense to keep track of all key personnel in an enemy company.

Deciding to dwell on this topic later, she focused again on the bar.

What did she want to do to these people?

She considered having them directly beaten up in return, but Liz didn't like this plan much.

No, it was too simple, and they would just get away with some injuries.

As for ruining their careers, she considered this too, but this would be too cruel.

Tapping her chin, Liz tried to come up with something that wasn't too less or too much.

Meanwhile, both Will and Rao patiently waited for her to make a decision.

Will had his eyes on Liz, and he was reliving their date which had become one of his happiest memories in recent times.

He could feel her getting close to him, and although his hurt inner self kept screaming that he would only get hurt again in the end, for now, he was finding the strength to shut it up.

Finally, after a minute, she hit on a plan and spoke it out loud to the two, making them feel startled inwardly.

By the time Liz was done, both of them had the same thought:

This was not someone to be messed with.


"Hey, bartender, refill all of us. We're all going to be rich! I don't know how rich, but rich for sure."

As one of the reporters spoke to the bartender with slurred speech, he noticed something strange.

There was only silence around him.

The bar had been slowly emptying as it was already late in the night, but the 10 of them had been determined to be the last ones to leave before the bar closed, no matter what.

That wish had been fulfilled, as they were the only ones in the bar right now.

Only, there was no bartender either, and it seemed that…all of his friends had fallen asleep?

Thinking that he might have also fallen asleep and woken up, this reported was about to wake them up, but no matter what he did, the other 9 didn't budge.

It was almost as if they were drugged instead of just sleeping due to being drunk.

Finding it strange, he was just about to walk to the door when he saw a man wearing a mask standing in his path.

He hadn't noticed this man before, and even though he was drunk, he sensed a threat which made him say, "H-hey, who're you? Stay away from me!"

The man moved in a flash, chopping at the reporter's neck and making him fall unconscious before he even finished the sentence.

As the reporter's consciousness faded, the last thing he saw was the man walking to his friends and putting them in some weird black bags.

After an unknown amount of time passed, the reporter woke up to the most fetid stench he had ever smelt in his life.

Wrinkling his nose, he opened his eyes and started to panic when he realized that there was only darkness around him.

Moving his body, he realized that he was actually in some sort of…bag.

Struggling fiercely, he got out but paused with shock on seeing where he was.

All around, wherever he looked, there was only trash.

Rotting fish, spoiled eggs, stinking sofas, all kinds of disposable materials, thrown away electronics.

There were mountains made of this stuff no matter where he looked, and as the shock started to recede, he realized that his entire body hurt, as if he had been thrown around.

Looking near him, he saw 9 identical bags.

The smell was making him nauseous, and suddenly, he puked to the side, only making it worse.

Wait…his phone! He should call someone for help!

Alas, all of his pockets were empty.

So…they were stuck here?

As this realization dawned on him, the reporter screamed into the air, but there was no one to hear him except mountains of trash for miles and miles around him.


"They will be traumatized, and most likely, sick by the time they exit the dumping ground. It'll take at least 3 days by walk, and I've halted all people going inside in that time. They were thrown in using a garbage dispenser, just like you asked. Miss. Liz, you are…truly terrifying, right now. Can you tell me why you chose this?"

Standing outside the humongous dumping ground on the next day, Liz, Will and Rao were looking out at the mountains of trash.

Seeing Rao voice his question, Will also turned towards Liz, who smiled with scorn and replied:

"They are trash. So I thought that it was most fitting if they are treated like trash. Literally."




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