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Melting My CEO`s Heart

Season 2

Episode 121

(Luke & keren (1)

The next morning, after the doctors checked him out and declared that everything was fine, Luke was discharged from the hospital.

He had to admit; having money had its perks.

This wasn't the first time in a hospital, of course, as both him and Liz had had quite an…eventful childhood.

Of course, never had he had such a pleasant and luxurious stay, but he didn't even allow himself to like it as he knew that it was all due to the 'grace' of that damn CEO.

When Liz, Mary and Derek came to help him exit the hospital, he saw that Liz was different.

Her smile was wider, and her mood was very good, making him wonder whether anything had happened the night before.

Just before leaving, when Liz made a quick run to the washroom, Luke asked Mary and found out the reason.

So, she had a date with her boss, and that was why she was so bubbly today?

He couldn't believe it, and by this point, Luke didn't even know what to think.

Frankly, he didn't even know when his feelings had changed from 'best friend' to 'wanting to be a boyfriend'.

All he knew was that it hurt when he imagined her spending time with another man and getting close to him.

However, he had to admit that it was nice seeing her happy.

Hence, with divided feelings, Luke followed the trio and got himself dropped at home.

His 'home' was just a small one-bedroom above the diner which looked quite cozy despite its size.

After settling him in and telling him sternly to rest for at least 2 or three days before opening the diner, the trio left when he said that he was feeling drowsy.

The truth was that he just wanted to be alone, as he was afraid about what he might say to Liz.

He had to sort his feelings out. And for this, he needed some alone time.

On one hand, there were his own feelings of wanting to spend his entire life with her.

No one 'got' him like she did. No one could understand his every thought even before it came in his head, like she did. No one could make him feel as if all was right in the world when he spent time with her, like she did.

On the other, he truly wished for her happiness.

Even though that man had badly hurt her, he was now making her happy.

However, how could there be a guarantee that something like that won't repeat?

He had already sworn that if he hurt Liz even one more time, he would definitely take revenge for her, no matter what she said.

He knew that although Liz was very strong, she was also fragile in a few ways.

Yes, this was self-contradictory, but he didn't know how to put it in words.

It was like…she was an avocado. She had a strong outer shell, but if someone managed to penetrate that and crush her insides, then they would see that it was very soft and vulnerable.

Of course, Luke also knew that she was a very good judge of character. Hell, during their childhood, he had used to tease her saying that she had superpowers.

So, if she had chosen the CEO, then she must have her reasons.

What should he do? Should he just bury his feelings? Or should he be honest with her?

While he was lost in his thoughts, a knock sounded on the door.

Thinking that Liz and the other two might have come back because they forgot something, Luke got up with a wince due to the sutures and opened the door.

However, the person he saw standing there stunned him.

It was that beautiful woman from the day before who had reminded him of Liz.

She was wearing casual clothes- a pink t-shirt over torn jeans, with a hat pulled down to cover her face.

Still, she looked like a model, ready to walk down the ramp.

If Liz's beauty could be called effortless and natural like the moon, then Keren's was like a star-glowing and demanding attention from anyone who saw her.

Of course, Luke wasn't someone to be caught up on frivolous things like the way she looked. He only acknowledged that she was very good looking before moving on to the fact that she was the sister of the man whom he hated.

"What the hell are you doing here?", he asked, but he couldn't have expected her response.

In response, she suddenly moved close to him, making him experience a full blast of the very pleasant fragrance she was wearing.

With her hands on the two sides of the single doorway, she leaned towards Luke's face with her lips almost touching his ear before saying, "I couldn't resist your manly charm, so I couldn't help but come over. Won't you let me in?"

The last few words were said in such a sensual manner that he wondered whether he was dreaming.

What the hell?!

Seeing him blush and just stand there awkwardly without responding, Keren bent back and held her hand to her mouth, unable to control her laughter.

As he realized that she was just playing with him, Luke blushed even harder, his whole face turning pink.

Furious both at himself for not giving back a cheeky retort and at her for doing what she had just done, he was about to bang the door on her face without saying a word before she raised her hands in the air in surrender and said, "Sorry! Hey, I was just testing you! Don't take it the wrong way…besides, I really couldn't resist you, so I changed our dinner to lunch. Let's go."

Saying so, she hooked her arm around his and started to drag him out with such strength that he watched with surprise as he saw himself almost at the stairway that led downstairs.

Why the hell were all the woman he met such strong weirdos? He wondered, before starting to resist.

However, he stopped when he heard Keren say something.

"Don't you want to find out more about the guy that your best friend is dating?"




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