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Season 2

Episode 160

(A Very Important Person (10)

First, he had gone to the main bedroom, but the person he was looking for was not there, so he closed the door and opened the door to the study, which no one except him entered.

It was empty as well.

He took off his suit jacket with annoyance and readily threw it into a guest bedroom, then walked to the end of the corridor while pulling off his tie.

When he had almost arrived at the sunroom, he saw Qin Zhi’ai through the bright glass, squatting down by the pergola and trimming the branches of the flowers with a pair of scissors.

Gu Yusheng slowed down his steps, then took two quick strides forward the next second and abruptly pushed the door of the sunroom open.

The unexpected opening of the door shocked Qin Zhi’ai, who was focusing on gardening, and her hand trembled and cut down a beautiful, blooming rose by accident.

Since Gu Yusheng seldom came back home, Qin Zhi’ai had thought it would be the housekeeper who rushed imprudently upstairs for her. She stared at the petals falling on the ground, frowning, turned her head to the door, and said with a sense of blame, “What makes you so…”

As she was speaking, Gu Yusheng’s face, highlighted by the bright sunlight shining on it, jumped into her sight.

Her words suddenly clogged her throat, and she froze there, gazing at Gu Yusheng dully. Her mind went blank for several seconds, then she noticed his furious face, vague anger burning in his eyes. Qin Zhi’ai had enough experience with Gu Yusheng’s rage, so her body tensed instinctively, and she grasped the scissors more tightly.

Why did he come back all of a sudden? And he looks angry, is it because grandfather…

With a quiver in her heart, Qin Zhi’ai subconsciously became vigilant, and her eyes on him were covered by her guardedness.

He kept staring at her for a long time with no intention to talk to her.

The atmosphere in the sunroom was chilly, causing Qin Zhi’ai to bite her lower lip anxiously. To eliminate the awkwardness, she asked without thinking, “Why did you come back so suddenly?”

It’s my home, do I need a reason to come back?

Gu Yusheng’s eyes became more gloomy. He thought he had nowhere to unleash his fury, so he chuckled, then gazed at Qin Zhi’ai and blurted out before he could form a thought in his mind, “What? This is my home, shouldn’t I come back? Who do you think should have come back? Lu Bancheng?”

Why is he talking so unreasonably? Why is he bringing Lu Bancheng into this?

Although Qin Zhi’ai was entirely confused, she still could clearly feel the terrible coldness radiating out from the man’s body after that chuckle.

On instinct, she was aware that if she stayed there, she would definitely suffer, so she put the scissors on the stool by her then stood up. Organizing the words secretly in her heart, she said to Gu Yusheng, “Does the housekeeper know that you’re back? I’ll go tell her and have her cook dinner for you.”

Saying this, Qin Zhi’ai quickly lowered her head and walked toward the door.

Gu Yusheng, who was leaning against the door leisurely, abruptly straightened his body after seeing her actions.

She became so indifferent when she saw me, and now she wants to avoid me for a random excuse? Why doesn’t she avoid Lu Bancheng?

Gu Yusheng felt like he was going to blow up, so he chuckled again, and even said to her, “What, I’m not him, so you hurry to leave?”




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