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Season 2

Episode 156

(A Very Important Person (6)

His words made Gu Yusheng go quiet for a while, then he opened his mouth, saying in an emotionless tone, “I don’t know.”

“But…” Gu Yusheng stopped after one word and frowned.

The person he had been communicating with was named ‘A.’

From the letters he had received from A, it could be inferred that it was him who had sent the first letter to A.

But in his impression, it seemed a part of his memory was lost. He simply couldn’t figure out why he had sent a letter to A at the very start.

Due to family affairs, he had been unwilling to tell his inner feelings to others and felt it was embarrassing and unnecessary. He thought that he might initially have just wanted to find an irrelevant pen-pal to vent his feelings to and had also nicknamed himself as ‘S.’

For whatever reason, the person had even accompanied him for years… Even if S and A had never met and didn’t really know each other, over a long time, A had given S a lot of authentic and subtle warmth.

Gu Yusheng tilted his head and stared outside the window as if he was pondering over something. After a minute, he finally continued his previous words, “For me, the sender of this letter could be described as… a very important person?”

He said the last few words in a very low voice, displaying a sense of uncertainty.

Lu Bancheng hadn’t caught it, so he asked, “Aha?”

Gu Yusheng suddenly sobered up after hearing Lu Bancheng, then shook his head and said, “Nothing.” After that, he looked back to his laptop.

Lu Bancheng understood that Gu Yusheng didn’t want to talk about the pen-pal and the letters, so he went silent, then started watching a soccer game on his phone. After several minutes, the phone in his hand started vibrating.

With the bell ringing, the soccer game was interrupted by a call in the middle of the most exciting moments. Lu Bancheng couldn’t help complaining, “Who’s calling? It was just getting more exciting!”

As he complained, he took a glance at the number, and said, “It’s Xiaokou.”

Gu Yusheng was facing his laptop and focusing on his work, but when he heard ‘Xaiokou,’ his eyebrows moved, and his fingers on the keyboard started tapping less smoothly.

Lu Bancheng was probably afraid of affecting Gu Yusheng, so he stood up with the phone in his hand, then answered the phone while walking away, “Xiaokou… Why do you suddenly have the time to call me? You want to treat me to dinner?”

Although Lu Bancheng had already walked a distance away, his voice still made it to Gu Yusheng’s ears very clearly. The man gradually stopped tapping on the keyboard, became less concentrated, and started listening to what Lu Bancheng was saying.

“You need my help? For something serious? Okay… You could just tell me… No, no, no, I’m not busy now…”

Liang Doukou is calling Lu Bancheng for help?

A touch of coldness covered Gu Yusheng’s eyes. He blinked and logged out of the email on screen, then clicked on an application and tapped on the keyboard rapidly. After several minutes, Lu Bancheng’s work phone on the coffee table suddenly rang. Immediately afterwards, the home telephone also started ringing.



  1. I Just Pray Mr Gu Don't Find Out the Real Identity Of Miss qin now

  2. I knew it!! Qin zhi'ai is A while GU Yusheng is S. interesting..... well done author, next pls.



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