Thursday, 26 March 2020



Season 2

Episode 150

(A Perfect Cold Weapon (10)

Although drunk, he didn’t forget to chuckle mockingly. His tone suddenly became extremely sad and desperate, “But that’s not what I want… No…”

“The patriotic dream… My parents… All gone… My parents didn’t want me to join the army, so I snuck out… But when I came back, they had already gone…”

He murmured disorderly, but it could be heard that he kept talking about the patriotic dream and his parents.

Therefore, Qin Zhi’ai, who had just been confused by his murmuring, now completely understood what he was talking about.

He must be feeling sad for his parents and the dream that he was forced to abandon. He must be regretful that although he’s given up the dream he was longing for, his parents will never come back.

It was quiet in the room, with only the intermittent murmuring of Gu Yusheng floating out. “What I wanted is all gone forever… I abandoned my dream that I already had in my hands, but my parents will never come back… Now, I have nothing, nothing…”

Qin Zhi’ai felt like her heart was being grasped and squeezed fiercely by something, and she was prevented from breathing by that pain, feeling a stinging in her eyes. On an impulse, she suddenly reached out to hold his hand tightly, staring at the drunk man, comforting him gently, “No, no, you don’t. You still have me…”

Gu Yusheng paused his murmuring all of a sudden. His charming eyebrows wrinkled, then slowly stretched out. He thought he was having a dream, so he hesitated for a while, then asked with uncertainty, “You?”

Hearing that, Qin Zhi’ai nodded softly, though she clearly knew that he couldn’t see her, then whispered confidently, “Yes, yes, you still have me…”

She felt her hand on the man’s slightly freeze.

She paused for a second, then continued to comfort him gently, “You didn’t lose everything, and even if you did, you still have me…”

Before she finished her soothing words, the man lying in bed with his eyes closed abruptly pulled her into his arms with strength that came from nowhere.

Qin Zhi’ai froze, then struggled to get rid of him instinctively, but he held her more tightly, then pressed against her forehead with his jaw, saying in a very low voice, “Don’t move.”

His tone held a sense of request that was hardly noticed. Qin Zhi’ai suddenly compromised, freezing in his arms for a while, and finally reached out to hug him back.

She thought that only when he was drunk would she dare to get close to him, be good to him, give him her comfort and warmth, and be the real her.

But Gu Yusheng… do you know what?

I’m not comforting you as Liang Doukou.

Like the other time the car drove toward us on the street, and I pushed you away without hesitation and got hit myself.

Whenever I did good to you, it was never because I was Liang Doukou, but Qin Zhi’ai, the one who has long been forgotten by you.

It was already noon the next day when Gu Yusheng woke up again. The curtains were not closed, and the sunlight shone onto his face, so he closed eyes again after squinting.




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