Saturday, 21 March 2020



Season 2

Episode 140

(A Mysterious Letter (10)

Being hugged suddenly by Gu Yusheng, Qin Zhi’ai was totally shocked at first, then a series of panicked screams surrounded her ears.

Before she lifted her head to check what was happening, Gu Yusheng, with his arms around her, abruptly took her back toward the roadside.

Gu Yusheng moved so fast that Qin Zhi’ai couldn’t follow him at all. Even after he stopped, she still fell onto his chest due to inertia, then she heard a car’s engine at a short distance.

Qin Zhi’ai frowned and immediately grasped Gu Yusheng’s arms to stabilize her body. She raised her head and saw a car rushing towards them at top speed.

Despite the passengers on the street, the car just sped around madly. The whole walking street on which people had been walking orderly, now became chaotic. People escaped in all directions, and some of them who reacted slowly collided with the car and fell on the ground, blood spilling out everywhere.

In front of where Qin Zhi’ai and Gu Yusheng were there were several steps. The car rushed to the steps, but had to stop because it couldn’t drive up the steps.

Before the car stalled, three people jumped out of it. They left their doors open, then directly raced onto the steps. When they were halfway there, they seemed to have seen something, so they suddenly turned around and rushed down the steps.

As they had just made it back to the car, several policemen arrived from the direction the car had just come from. The three people looked at each other, then looked around, and suddenly ran away in different directions.

With panicked screams falling and rising here and there, the three people walked back to the car, each of them with a hostage. On the throats of these hostages were sharp and sparkling knives.

The hostages were two young women and a five or six-year-old boy. The little boy was obviously frightened and kept crying and screaming. His mother was worried, constantly begging the three people for mercy.

At this time, several policemen also dashed down the stairs. All the police who had arrived surrounded the three people, keeping them tightly in the middle, but none of them dared to step forward in the fear that the three people would be irritated and take the lives of their hostages.

After a short while, more policemen arrived. Seeing that, the three people took a look at each other. One of them abruptly tore his coat open, and an explosive belt tied around his waist was exposed.

At the sight of it, the surrounding people became even more panicked in an instant, and the policemen didn’t dare to make any risky actions.

Two of the policemen were the captain and the deputy captain. They mumbled to each other for several seconds, then one of them went to deal with the three criminals, and the other led more policemen to evacuate people and pull caution tape to block the street off.

When the police who had been in the lead suddenly saw Gu Yusheng, he was stunned, then trotted toward them and shouted across the caution tape, “Captain Gu.”




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