Tuesday, 31 March 2020


πŸ’•Billionaire sistersπŸ’•

😘{ Billionaire girlfriend}😘

Episode 50

Dylan POV. 

How can Elle be so blinded by her love for her sister this was the same person that wanted to hurt her.

Diane will keep hurting her because she knows Elle won't do anything to fight back .

Luckily I will always be there to protect her .

It wasn't as if I was mad at her . The truth is I can't stand to look her in the eyes for have betrayed her by screwing Diane.

Anyone in my place would do anything to bring back the love of their life but I don't know if she's gonna see it that way.

I couldn't sleep nor go back to her room I stood by the balcony watching the stars till midnight and went to bed .

The next morning I woke up as early as possible. I took a bath and did my morning routine before rushing downstairs to prepare breakfast for Elle .

She hasn't recover fully yet so I need to prepare something nice for her.

I got to the kitchen and put on my apron and set out to work..

Soon I was done with cooking , I was about setting the table when Diane batched into the house.

Diane POV

I woke up the next morning with a hang over .
What the heck happened last night ? 
I jerked outta bed when I saw my guard laying down on my bed naked .

"Bloody hell!!" I roared waking him in the process .

" Are you stupid? What are doing in my bed naked " I groaned as my body boiled in anger.

" That question is absorbed ma'am , we had sex last night" he said calmly.

What the hell ?

" We did what !!!" I asked unable to believe my ears.

"We had sex ma'am because you were begging me to screw you" he scoff.

Wait!! Am starting to remember everything .

Oh no no no !!.
" Where's Dylan" i asked immediately.

"Oh sir Dylan left the house since yesterday and he's yet to come back "he said.

Oh no am finished 

" Get out right now!!! " I growled.

I rushed to my phone and picked up my and dialed the guys numbers but strangely enough it wasn't going through.

It better not be what am thinking or else samir is gonna kill me , he hates failure.

I quickly put on my clothes and picked my car keys before rushing out.

I drove straight to the factory but it was sealed and corps were everywhere.

God no this can't be true .
I entered my car and drove off to Danielle mansion to confirm my suspicion.

I didn't bother parking my car as I rushed into her house .

I saw Dylan wearing an apron and setting up the table.

Oh God no I can't believe this .



  1. Diane, I Bet U If You Try Anything stupid Again You Won't Succeed

  2. She even have the nerve to go there😠

  3. U guys should be careful o because the bitch is back again

  4. Dat diane is a trouble maker sha .....NEXT Joor.



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